SVM 16 Disc Carbon clutch pack for R35 GTR

Joe from Boostlogic posted some information up in the NAGTROC forum about a new carbon disk clutch pack for the GR6 Nissan GT-R transmission.  The current go to clutch for big builds is from Dodson, and this looks like a promising alternative to the loud and expensive Promax clutch.

  • 16 Carbon Plates
  • 20% Greater Surface area (Larger diameter plates and steels)
  • Billet Machined Baskets for Superior Strength (larger sizes to carry above)
  • 1000bhp + and above Capability 
  • 12 Months Development
  • Tested by SVM Cars
  • Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in UK
It is the first world's "wide plate" carbon clutch system on the market
The route SVM have chosen, is to make a multi plate system using oem thickness plates, wider and made of carbon composite material, Unfortunately in practice getting 16 larger sized plates to fit,requires some clever engineering.

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