Shift-S3ctor Videos. GTR vs...

If you followed my post from this last weekend, you would have seen a few pictures and videos from the latest Shift-S3ctor 1/2 mile Airstrip Attack.

900 hp Nissan GT-R vs 1150 hp Ford GT. You know what happens? ! ?

 On Saturday, Nico's 900ish horsepower GT-R tuned by Jon Jeebus Tuning took the Unlimited Class against some pretty serious iron.  That is two in a row for Nico, and three in a row for Nissan GT-R's.

And a bonus video: UGR Stage 3 Gallardo SL vs Evo 900HP : What is power without traction?  A loss.

Head over to Shift-S3ctors Facebook page and You Tube channel to stay up to date with their events.

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