Jalopnik and the Nissan GT-R Track Edition : Will it Baby?

A jogging stroller fits in the trunk of a Nissan GT-R

Jalopnik answers the ever muttered question of "Will it Baby". Although someone in the comments did mention, its not really a baby, but a toddler. Although I don't really know that cutoff, nor do I want to look it up. The lead picture does say toddler. So if anyone knows the answer to the cutoff between baby and toddler, I really don't need to know. One day someone will tell me, and I will forget it.

The owner of a Miata or a Boxster clearly isn't at the toting-around-a-miniature-human part of their life, but the inability of their cars to even try it is just part of the car's design. It was never meant to do it. But when you have a car that could tote around your partner and your kid and you go out of your way to specify options to make your car less able to do that, that's a pretty good sign you don't want kids. And that's exactly why this may be the best Will It Baby car ever.
Toddlers fit in the trunk of a GT-R. More than one will fit from the looks of it. 
"Daddy, go fast? Go fast?" became the refrain every time we got in the car. It's like the California DMV genetically engineered my son to make me lose my license. When I got to a clear stretch of road I'd bury the pedal and both father and son would squeal with idiotic glee as we surged forward
A GT-R is a roller coaster ride. Fast, stiff suspension. Will make a lot of people squeel.  This car is a Track Edition. No rear seats, but enough points to be able to secure/duct tape a baby/toddler seat in the back.

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