Nissan360: Trucks, Buses, GT3 GT-R, and Juke-R : All Wrapped Up Into One Day

Juke-R, Track Edition, NISMO GT3 GT-R. Yes we got to ride in(GT3), and drive the Juke-R
This was very most awesome. This morning headed down to Cars and Coffee in Irvine, and then to the Nissan360 event. Nissan360 was a press only event that showcased worldwide Nissan products, from Datsun to Infiniti.  We started our day checking out the Infiniti Red Bull F1 car that was on display.

Infiniti Red Bull RB8 F1 car

NISMO fans and trinkets
Nissan ZEOD Electric Deltawing 
Cummins Diesel engine to find a home in the next generation Titan truck

Our first driving stop was the Mission360 off-road and truck course. Lots of fun over some low speed conditions. Couple of hill climbs, steep descents, five different trucks/SUV's.

Towing, and stopping with 9300 lbs
Steven and his hat
From the truck course, we hit the commercial vehicle test track. Steven took us around in a right hand drive taxi, hat included.  After the van, we hit this...
Nissan Civilian bus
Everyone working the event told us the bus was a popular one to drive. We had a ton of fun in the moose avoidance course in the Nissan Civilian bus. It felt faster and more comfortable than the taxi we just jumped out of.

After we drove the bus once, Steven went back, and drove it with Harry's Lap Timer recording the lap.

NY Taxi. We were not allowed to drive this one

The Infiniti Emerg-E electric concept was on the performance course. We spent a little time with several other Infiniti's and the NISMO LEAF race car.

NISMO Zero Emission LEAF race car

Infiniti Essence concept car
From outside, we headed into the air conditioned tent. Inside there were three Infiniti concept cars, plus Datsun, and Nissan concepts. Thought out the day several presentations were given, explaining everything from NISMO to future concepts and ideas.
NISMO GT3 Nissan GT-R. Available for sale

After some excellent Peking Duck Fries, and Gyoza lunch off one of several food trucks, we headed over to the Performance course. This is what greeted us there. GT3 Nissan GT-R. Two Track Edition Nissan GT-R's, and a Nissan Juke-R.  All the boys felt like they had died and gone to heaven. We were all as giddy as schoolgirls.  We could ride in the GT3, but drive the Track Editions, and the Juke-R. However we only got to pick two of three.  My first pick was to ride in the GT3 GT-R.

Sorry, I wasn't able to mount my GoPro camera, so I had to hand hold my iPhone. Close enough, you get the idea. After the GT3, I jumped in the Juke-R. I wish I could tell you much about it, but it was all a blur. It sounds like an R35, and drives like one, but you do feel the shortened wheelbase. I got it a bit sideways though one section. Overall was fun, and I wish I had a few more laps in it. At 600k, its just a little out of my budget this month, but maybe next month.

Track Edition Nissan GT-R, and a Juke-R
Steven in his lunch lady hat. He was so excited to be at the event. I think they may have had to physically remove him. He said he was going to stay the night. 

Infinit Emerg-E concept car

Infiniti Red Bull F1 car

Infiniti Emerg-E on the performance course

Performance course

Someone is obsessed with something. 

Red Track Edition Nissan GT-R. I opted to drive the Juke-R and ride in the GT3 over driving this. Decisions, decisions.

Just before my ride in the GT3 NISMO Nissan GT-R. 
I have a few more pictures and videos to edit from the event, nothing as exciting as the GT3 ride along, but still some cool stuff. Thanks for getting us there Andy. For a Nissan nut like myself, this was heaven.
Stevens footage in the GT3 NISMO Nissan GT-R for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

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