AMS GT-R Takes Down THREE 2,000hp Lambo's Video

Should we say its the little V-6 that could? I don't think a 3.8 liter 2,000 hp VR38DETT would be considered "small".

The 2,000hp Alpha Omega GT-R piloted by Ivan Phipps claims the overall King of the Streets Texas Invitational Title and becomes one of the most deserving cars of the "Lambo Killer" title people like to throw around after these races.

Taking down some of the FASTEST cars in the "street car / street" roll racing world as they climbed the brackets of a 42 car roll race including 2000hp Heffner & UGR Twin Turbo Lambo's, 1500-1600hp Twin Turbo Vipers and an 1100hp Supra!

Check out this 1320 Video from the Texas Invitational Roll Race. AMS's Alpha Omega GT-R had everyone covered.  I don't think the GT-R vs Twin Turbo Lambo race is over. I feel the Lambos come back with 2500 horsepower next year. for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

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