911 Turbo S vs 45th Anniversary GT-R vs AMG GTS

Motor Trend pitted three heavy hitters against each other both on the track at Big Willow, and on the street.   The 45th Anniversary GT-R is a bit long in the tooth, and softened. Nissan has the NISMO in the lineup for the hardcore guys, where as the normal GT-R is at a point where they are trying to make it more comfortable.

He wasn't as kind to the GT-R. "[It's] really a disappointment on the racetrack," he said. "The car has been altered for comfort. It feels very soft, a lot of roll, less-controlled vertical motions. GT-Rs have always been pretty darn stiff, but not this one. The turn-in is reasonably good, the tail comes out a little bit, there's a bit of roll, but once the weight finishes transferring, the car goes into a big understeer. Understeer dominates the car's personality around the racetrack. With light throttle it seems to free up a little bit, but trying to accelerate off a corner, big push. Even at high speed, in Turn 8 over here, the car understeered so badly I thought I might drive it off the road. The car stopped OK, but the pedal travel was long. The stopping was adequate but nowhere near the ballpark of the Porsche. This car just does not have the track-ready personality of the older GT-Rs."

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Head over to the article for the full impressions, photo gallery and results.  The GT-R still gets it in a straight line. 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. 11.2@122 in the quarter. Not too bad for a stock car. for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

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