222 MPH Nissan Qashqai Video

Your first question is probably, whats a Nissan Qashqai? Its a small Nissan crossover, that is closest to the Nissan Rouge sold here in the US.  According to Wikipedia:

"The Qashqai is not offered in North American markets. Instead, Nissan offers the Nissan Rogue. Although larger and appearing to be a completely different model it is based on the same basic platform as the Qashqai / Xtrail with some visual similarities.

Some guys from Severn Valley Motorsports in the UK decided to put a full R35 GT-R drivetrain and engine under a Qashqai ala Nissan Juke-R.

In this video this "slightly modified" Qashqai hits a VMax of 222 mph, passing a 950 hp R35 GT-R at over 200 mph. for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

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