Dec 31, 2011

Outlaw Dragcar Nissan GT-R Startup Video

Its called a Nissan GT-R, but really only in body. This is one of three cars that have been put together in Australia to run in drag events.  The 2JZ, and the 13B, and 20B are popular powerplants for the 6 second, tube frame, rear wheel drive cars. In this case, this car is TB48 powered. You might not have ever heard of it, as its an engine found in the Nissan Patrol. Inline 6, 4.8 liters. Sort of a big block RB26. In the video below, you can hear the startup, and them running one car though the gears.  We never heard anything from Jamboree in Australia, so these cars probably didn't run in time.  Click though for the video.

Dec 29, 2011

Nissan Skyline GT-R - R32 For Sale

Motorex Nissan Skyline GT-R, R32 For Sale.

Motorex 1993 Nissan Skyline GTRIt does have the bond release and supporting paperwork. The car has 47,000 miles on it and had less than 2000 miles put on it since 2003 from the previous owner where it sat most of its time in at a shop or in a warehouse. The bottom end is stock while the head had a pair of Apex 276 9.6mm lift intake/exhaust cams and Apex Adjustable Cam Gears installed followed by a Nismo 1.2mm Metal Headgasket and ARP Head Studs.

Bugatti Veyron vs Nissan GT-R at the Dragstrip

This is not a very normal sight. A Bugatti Veyron at the dragstrip in Florida. Not only that but it races against a Nissan GT-R. However in the 1000 hp vs 500 hp battle, the Veyron covers the GT-R pretty easily. That night there were several 9 second Nissan GT-R's at the strip, but of course the video that shows up is against a high 10 second car. The Bugatti gets off the line well, and just flat goes.

One more, but actually this is the first video. The Veyron has some issues with the launch control. Very cool to see someone running a Bugatti down the drag strip.

Dec 28, 2011

2012(Japan) 2013 US Nissan GT-R on the Dyno

2013 US(2012 Japan) Nissan GT-R on the dyno

Phoenix Power put a 2012 Japan market Nissan GT-R on their dyno to put it up against the horsepower yardstick. Ian found this video on Youtube and shared it on the NAGTROC forums.
548.4ps = 541hp
74.1kgm = 536ft/lbs
 Pretty much as figured, about 540 horsepower at the engine.  Not quiet the 15 hp that is in the press releases but we need to see a few more cars, on a few more dynos to really see what the 2013 is making.


Dec 21, 2011

GT-R Motegi Battle : Best Motoring TV

In Car 2012(Japan) Nissan GT-R
More video from Best Motoring on the 09 vs 11 vs 12 Nissan GT-R test. In this test, three drivers take the three GT-R's 485 ps vs 530 ps vs 550 ps on the track. The results might be a bit surprising. Check out the video after the break.

Nissan GT-R vs Nissan GT-R vs Nissan GT-R

Best Motoring pitted a Japanese market 2009, 2011, and 2012 Nissan GT-R against each other in a 400meter (1/4 mile) drag race.  485 ps vs 530 ps vs 550 ps. Who wins? How fast is the 2012(US 2013)?

Dec 16, 2011

Motor Trend : 22 Cars that Stop from 60 MPH in Less Than 100 Feet

60-0 in 93 feet
Its the end of the year, and time for all the lists. This list covers all years, and is 22 cars that Motor Trend has tested, that stop in under 100 feet. All the cars are "fast" cars. Fast cars need to be able to stop quicker too. Generally speaking someone that drives a fast car, are willing to make some of the compromises that come with a more aggressive braking package. Coming in just under 100 feet was the 2011 Nissan GT-R with a 99 foot stop. Two cars did it in 93 feet, the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition, and the Ferrari F430 Scuderia.

60-0 in 99 feet.
Our Take: "The Nissan GT-R proved itself a highly reliable, livable machine characterized by a sublime powertrain, superb handling, and unearthly acceleration. If any supercar can be driven daily without fuss, this is it."

 Head over to Motor Trend for the full list of 22 cars that can do the 60-0 in under 100 feet.

MotoRex Legal Nissan Skyline GT-R For Sale

Motorex 1993 Nissan Skyline GTR. It does have the bond release and supporting paperwork. The car has 47,000 miles on it and had less than 2000 miles put on it since 2003 from the previous owner where it sat most of its time in at a shop or in a warehouse. The bottom end is stock while the head had a pair of Apex 276 9.6mm lift intake/exhaust cams and Apex Adjustable Cam Gears installed followed by a Nismo 1.2mm Metal Headgasket and ARP Head Studs.

It has a Greddy T78 Single turbo with all HKS hard piping blowing through a real HKS 4 row intercooler and oil cooled by a Greddy/ Grex oil cooler and relocation kit. The car is painted a Honda S2000 silver, The side molding and rear bumper on the car is a Real Veilside CI body-kit parts. Got rid of the Veilside front bumper. The car made 497whp at 18psi at an very safe 11.0 AFR. Since then the turbo was rebuilt. The car can now be dialed in for more power with no problem. Most of the parts have very little miles on the car. I may retune it soon for 550 awhp - 650awhp, depending on how much interest I get in it. The car will be fully inspected before sold, unless we work a deal out as is.

A list of modifications that come to over $25,000 that have been done to the car are as follows:
Greddy T78 Turbo Kit $$$$$
Greddy External Wastegate (extremely loud!!!!)
3.5" Turbo Back Custom Exhaust
Tein adjustable Suspension and cross drilled rotor Brake Setup
Heldfeld 18x10.5 wheels w/ 265-35-18's all around (tires are decent all the way around)
Sard 2.5L Fuel Pump
Bosche 044 in trunk pump
Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator
1000cc RC Engineering injectors
Apex 276 9.6mm lift intake/exhaust cams
Apex Adjustable Cam Gears
Nismo reinforced Timing Belt
Nismo N1 Water Pump
Nismo N1 Oil Pump
OS Giken Crossmission Gear Set w/ input shaft $$$$$
Nismo Triple plate cluch $$$$ (easy to drive, unlike other triple plates)

ARP Head Studs
Greddy/ Grex Oil coolor/relocation kit
Dual Blitz Blow off Valves
Nismo 1.2mm Metal Headgasket
HKS Intercoolor $$$$
Blitz EGT/Oil Pressure/Boost gauges
Motec PLM Wideband O2 Sensor
Apex Power FC Standalone ECU
Apex Power FC Hand Controller
Fc Datalogit Software
Nissan 300zx Mass Air flow sensors
All new Factory Gaskets.
HKS DLi Ignition amplifier

The bads are: (which is very minor)

The car was repainted but still traces of the old color in little spots in the door jams

The previous owner took out the a/c because of where he lived. I bought what's needed to have a/c again. Just not put in.

The previous owner installed the cams and the cam seals leak a little oil. Did not get around to it because the swap was going to happen but didn't

There aren't many TRULY LEGAL Nissan Skylines around. This is the best deal out there, period for a Motorex car with this many mods. There is one similar in California for $40,000 and it is not a single turbo with as many modifications as mine has on. This will be a great car for someone. And if you want to offer a trade, it must be $40k for a trade.

Dec 15, 2011

STILLEN GT-R Scalextric 1:32 Scale Slot Car

I really enjoy cars. All kinds of cars. Real cars, die cast cars, remote control cars, slot cars. Even more specific than cars, I like GT-R's. And even more specific than that, I like to have some mementos of real cars I have worked on/with. I have several die casts of the R34 Super Takiyu cars I worked on.  In this case, its the STILLEN R35 Nissan GT-R. This 1/32 scale slot car comes from Scalextric and is a replica of the STILLEN Targa New Zealand car. 

Source:  STILLEN Blog

2013 Nissan GT-R Tested : Inside Line

2013 Nissan GT-R. Visually looks the same as a 2012
Now with video
The journalists over at Inside Line got their hands on a newly upgraded 545 horsepower Nissan GT-R, and put it though its paces. The numbers, its always all about the numbers.

Test Results:
Acceleration0-30 (sec): 1.3 (2.3 w/ TC on)
0-45 (sec): 2.0 (3.2 w/ TC on)
0-60 (sec): 3.1 (4.3 w/ TC on)
0-60 with 1-ft Rollout (sec): 2.9 (3.9 w/ TC on)
0-75 (sec): 4.4 (5.7 w/ TC on)
1/4-Mile (sec @ mph): 11.1 @ 123.3 (12.1 @ 122.1 w/ TC on)
Braking30-0 (ft): 26
60-0 (ft): 106
HandlingSlalom (mph): 73.7 (73.7 w/ ESC on)
Skid Pad Lateral acceleration (g): 1.01 (0.99 w/ ESC on)
 The car was not as quick as the last 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition they tested. Different days, different conditions equal different numbers. For those kind of people that live and die by the 0.1 of a difference of magazine testing, they might be a bit disappointed.  Maybe an over achieving 2012, and a normal 2013.

For 2013, the GT-R gains another 15 horsepower and another 15 pound-feet of torque, plus yet more transmission refinements and a retuned suspension. As you'll see, these modest updates didn't translate to better straight-line performance compared to the 2012 GT-R Black Edition we tested last year (although, our 2013 GT-R Premium test car proved more finicky, shutting down its launch control when it decided its drivetrain bits had gotten too hot).
Is the Black Edition actually quicker than the Premium?  Do the wheels make that much of a difference? Is this proof that "red is faster".?  The Black Edition has red trim on the Recaro seats.

Dec 12, 2011

Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo Show or Display Application

Over the last twelve or so years I have been working with Nissan Skyline GT-Rs and I have been a fan of the car for even longer. Last year, the 1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R turned 21 years old, I even made it a video about it. This is significant in regards to importing to the US, as a car that is 21 years old is exempt from Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) standards. However, as with many things run by the government, the National Highway Transport Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires vehicles to be over 25 years old to be exempt. Its one of those things that makes no sense, but just accept that is the way that it is. Questioning it does no good, but giving you a headache.

1990 Nismo GT-R
The Nismo R32 GT-R was sold as a homologation special for racing starting February 22,1990. 560 total cars were produced, only 500 were sold to the public. This meant that the car was going to be 21 years old, February 22, 2011. The 500 total cars, and the fact that it was meant as a base for the race cars meant that it was a perfect candidate for the Show or Display exemption. Show or Display was a rule that allowed for certain historically or technologically significant vehicles to be imported to the US on a permanent basis without meeting federal motor vehicle safety standards. The rules allow for the cars to be driven up to 2500 miles per year, but they still need to meet EPA standards. 

Now that the Nismo R32 is over 21 years old, it seemed like a good time to put in an application for Show or Display. Recently I had someone pick me up a copy of the FIA Homologation paperwork for the R32 GT-R. The paperwork contained lots of interesting pictures and information, and also part of my basis for my application for Show or Display.

So with the 21st birthday of the Nismo R32 come and gone, I wrote up a cover letter, put it together with some pictures, the FIA homologation paperwork on the car, and sent it to the NHTSA in Washington, DC. I gave it about a month and called the NHTSA to check the progress of the application, left a voicemail. Nothing. About a week later, called again left another voicemail, nothing.

This is to be expected. As with any government agency, you can hardly expect them to call you back, to give you an update on a project. Even if you leave them your phone number, email address, and call several times over a several week time frame. Another month goes by. Call a few more times, leave some more voicemails. Maybe, they might think, that I will give up. I have other things to do, but I am just doing this to prove a point.

The NHTSA has already set a precedent with the Nissan Skyline GT-R and Show or Display. They approved a 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R Vspec "early version". Interesting, I consider myself to be pretty well versed in the Nissan GT-R, and especially the R34, and I have never heard of that car. The report from the NHTSA was that no R34 had ever been imported under that rule, as they can not meet EPA requirements. The last time I spoke with them, back in July 2009, I had a 20 minute conversation about all things imported, and Nissan Skyline, I knew then that the "Nissan Skyline" was a bad word at the NHTSA.

In all these years, it seems a lot of people on forums, and in the world, just don't understand that the Nissan Skyline is a dirty word, its a target for people at all levels of government. The more that people want it, like illegal drugs, the more people that try and import it, and the more people that will break the law doing it. So to go over that again:

Nissan Skyline = Dirty Word

However, that just makes it more of a challenge. If it were easy, everyone could do it.

So back to the NHTSA. Its June 2011, and I decided to give them a call again. This time, my call just went to the general mail box, and I left a voicemail. June 7th, someone called me back. I explained the situation, and they patched me though to the right guy- Dick Merritt

It was a weird conversation, as I was expecting most of the same topics to come up. It was the same things I have been talking about over the years. Things I try to explain to people. He really didn't want to have anything to do with the Skyline. Dick Merritt has mentioned to me several times that "I have no idea why anyone would want one of those things." He also mentioned to me that they are "rocketships." Our conversation went around and around, but in the end we talked about how to identify the individual cars, we went over a few things in the petition, and talked about the Show or Display process. At the end of the conversation he told me to "not hold my breath".

Technological Significance of the 1990 Nissan Nismo Skyline GT-R

The 1990 Nissan Nismo Skyline GT-R “Nismo” should be eligible for Show or Display based on its technological significance and low production figures. The Nismo was launched on February 22, 1990 as a base model for Nissan's Group A and N1 racing cars.

Out of a  total of 560 cars1 produced, only 500 cars were sold to the public, 60 cars were held back by Nissan for racing. Even though there were more than 500 total cars produced, this car is of exceptional significance because of its race history and following world wide.   The Nismo has a unique chassis code, making them immediately identifiable. BNR32-100000 though BNR32-100560. 2

The Nismo has several unique differences from the normal Nissan Skyline GT-R that were done so the car could be homolgated for Group A and N1 racing . These differences distinguish it from the normal Nissan Skyline GT-R’s.

1 Dennis Gorodji, Nissan GT-R Supercar Born to Race (Dorset, Veloce,2009) 37
    2 GT-R Magazine, Kotsu Times Sha Co. LTD 2011/March , Issue 97 136

Holiday Gifts for Nissan GT-R Owners

A couple of holiday gift idea's for Nissan GT-R owners. No one likes having to use a front license plate, but its the law in much of the US. The front lip on a GT-R is also very low, and either a front lip spoiler, or skidplate can help protect against scrapes.

More than 1/2 the US has requirements to place a front and rear license plate on your vehicle. For some cars, like the Nissan GT-R, that means drilling holes into your front bumper. Many owners want to comply with the law, but don't like the conventional mounting method.

STILLEN has been producing tow hook license plate brackets for several years now. The tow hook is located in the front bumper area, and allows for easy removal in case you have to use the tow hook.

Mounting the plate using the factory bracket requires more than a few simple holes. In fact, major surgery is required, which is nearly impossible to reverse without replacement of the entire bumper assembly. Save yourself the headache and install the STILLEN GT-R Front License Plate Bracket. Uses the pre-existing  for the factory tow hook. This fits from 2009- 2012 Nissan GT-R's.

Picture Source: World License Plates

The front lip on a Nissan GT-R is low. Most owners front lips end up taking the brunt of driveway entrances and exits. We have two products to protect, and enhance the front lip of 2012 and also 2009-2011 Nissan GT-R's.  The part numbers for the early cars(2009-2011US) are different than the late car(2012US up).

Dec 9, 2011

Nissan Juke-R : Video 10 : Shakedown and Testing

According to Autoblog, Nissan executives are not that happy with the Nissan Juke-R.  Rather than seeking approval from Nissan, they started the project, and seeked approval later.  Sometimes with a large company, this is the way to go. Ask forgiveness, rather than permission. A horse built by a committee is a camel.

The UK team behind the Juke R apparently didn't seek approval from Nissan's higher-ups before beginning the build, and the unholy GT-R/Juke hybrid concept was apparently born in secret before the unending teasers – see the latest one after the jump – began making their way online.
Check out the new video after the jump:

Dec 8, 2011

Track Pack Nissan GT-R for the UK

The UK and several other regions, not including the US, gets a special edition of the Nissan GT-R, the Track Pack for 2012(2013 US).  The track pack gets the SpecV, or US Black Edition wheels, stiffer suspension, and brake ducting to make it a more worthy track car.  No mention of additional engine or transmission oil coolers. The Track Pack comes at an additional 10,000 GBP, putting suggested retail at 84,450GBP($132,000USD)


  •     Model Year 2012 line-up includes new track-focused edition
  •     Features designed to improve lap times
  •     Fully road legal, available to order now

The 2012 Nissan GT-R may well be one of the fastest cars in the world, but its owners are the most demanding in the world. So Nissan has developed a new version of the GT-R for drivers who want an extra edge on the race track.

Called ‘Track Pack', this new version of the GT-R offers a harder edge and yet remains fully road legal.

Externally the Track Pack is easily identified by lightweight six-spoke RAYS alloys with gloss black painted centres.

The brakes behind these are cooled by additional cooling ducts built into the front bumper. These reduce the operating temperature of the front brake discs by as much as 100 degrees during track use, improving the stopping performance. Similar ducts, hidden behind the rear wheels, channel cooling air over the rear discs.

To reflect this GT-R's harder edge, the suspension's spring rates have been revised to be optimal for track use. Like all GT-Rs though, the dampers are adjustable to offer more comfort when the car is being used on the road.

Internally, Recaro front seats are trimmed with blue bolsters and an innovative high grip material to help keep the driver in place during hard cornering and braking. The rear seats have been removed to save weight. A ‘Track Pack' emblem on the centre console identifies this model as a special GT-R.

The engine retains the same specification as the ‘regular' 2012 model GT-R, which means 550PS of power. The 0-60 mph time is just 2.7 seconds.

The Track Pack adds £10,000 to the £74,450 list price of the standard MY2012 GT-R, making it £84,450.

Orders for all 2012 GT-R's can now be taken at any one of the 21 Nissan High Performance Centres around the UK. The first deliveries are expected in March 2012.

2013 Nissan GT-R : Kazutoshi Mizuno Interview

Autocar Magazine's Steve Sutcliffe interviews the Nissan GT-R's chief engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno. He explains that the 2012 World(2013 US) car is under rated on power. He also goes into the differences in suspension for the right hand drive car, the asymmetrical suspension setup.
Kazutoshi Mizuno, the creator of the extraordinary Nissan GT-R, talks to Steve Sutcliffe about the 2012 GT-R upgrades and the future of this modern performance icon

Dec 6, 2011

Nissan Juke R at Silverstone Racetrack

The Nissan Juke-R runs, it drives, it tackles Silverstone racetrack in the UK. It looks a little wet in the video, pretty normal for the UK.   Check out the video below for some in car footage along with some displays of speed and G.

Dec 1, 2011

Nissan Juke-R : Video 9 : Finishing Touches

Nissan Juke-R Interior
When they said they were stuffing a Nissan GT-R engine into a Juke, I had no idea they were going to go this far with it.Not only did they do the engine and transmission, they transplanted lots of the interior over to the Juke. Check out the video below for some of the finishing touches, before they take it out for a spin.

Nissan GT-R Sales November 2011 : 56 Cars

2013 Nissan GT-R at the 'ring

November 2011 Nissan sales, are in and although up versus October 2010, Nissan GT-R sales are still pretty slow with 56 cars sold. In 2010 there were 50 cars sold for November 2010. Total for 2011 to date is 1259 GT-R's to 839 in 2010. The rumors and information on the 2013 Nissan GT-R, along with low supplies probably affected the total sales. Expect a bit more of a bump for the 2013 car early next year. Sales on the 370Z are still slow with 356 cars in October 2011 and 6879 cars to date. The LEAF, Nissans all electric car sold 672 units with a year to date total of 8720. Nissan's press release below.