Supaca Imports - Where are you located ?

I went to the address listed on their website. 6080 Center Drive, in Los Angeles , CA.I took a video when I was there.

So Lee , where are you located actually ? I asked the security guard in the lobby, and he had never heard of Supaca Imports. I asked Chris at Regus on the 6th floor if he had heard of Supaca Imports, he said he had never heard of them, but they might be really old, or really new. You say you have been around since at least 2007, so I don't think the "really new" part would apply


Anonymous said...

that sht was funny! The guy @ supca claims he has a degree from ucla and when u talk to him he sounds all fcuked up like hes on a morphine drip, "he" claims thats an old address-lmao i told him to look at the video he said "nah" so i played it for him over the phone and he was speechless!!!!!! LMFAO please contact supca imports "who doesnt exist" for all of your JDM things @ 323-335-4111

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha I am down with Tim anyone who wants to fight I'm in too. I heard Dustin from Florida will scam you out of the registration be aware people! we love controversy what's next?

Anonymous said...

the best thing has got to be the 323 area code.. spells "ghetto"

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