Supaca Imports - Back for More and Now They are Threatening Me

Supaca Imports. I though I was done with them. I guess not. I was at RB today, the first time in a few weeks. Just dropping by for a minute, and Josh picked up a call for me. I was really in a bit of a hurry, but I picked it up. Turns out its this guy from Supaca. I would get into the conversation, but when he said who he was and tried to justify himself, I cut him off, told him what I really though of him. Not in the mood to talk, I hung up on him. He called back a few minutes later, talked to Josh and threatened RB. I am not sure how that whole conversation went, but like me, Josh was not real happy when he got off the phone.

RB got an email from him and I quote:

"Hey you stop talking about my business!

I am frauding people??? God give me some mercy, do you have any
evidence? you are taking it too far there baby.
you don't know me, I never said I can legally sell the car, and my
business so legit I can buy ad on super street and not have to worry
about a thing.

I suggest you take off all the negative postings by this Friday 3pm or
we have to face each other and discuss what we gonna do.


Nice. If you want to go heads up with me, then continue. I like the 3pm Friday deadline. It will come and pass, and nothing will change.

Frauding people.... let me see one place.... The opening page. In case their page has been pulled down already, I cut and pasted it here.

" We are the number one leader in supplying Nissan skylines in USA." .

The grammar again If you were actually trying to say it how someone that speaks English would say it , you would say : " We are the leader in supplying Nissan Skylines, in the USA."

However you are not the number one supplier of Nissan Skylines in the USA. That "S" in Skyline, should be capitalized also.

The only Skylines allowed under VCP-32 are :

1996-1998 Nissan Skyline R33. Heres the problem with 1996-1998 Nissan Skylines, they do not have OBD II. They never had OBD-II, and no system is EPA certified for the US.

That gets me to the next piece of wrong information on your website.

This is full of false information. So full of it, I barely know where to begin. I may get bored about 1/2 way though, and wait to see if they threaten me, or RB again before I go after them again.

"But we are one of the very few companies that can help you with this process.

We have a contact with the registered Importer to perform necessary conversions on these cars. But for some instance, this is not a mandatory procedure.

The rumor that Motor-Ex is the only company that can import these cars are false."

Which RI will actually legalize a Skyline ? Which one specifically? There is a list of registered importers. Are you afraid of giving up your source, or is the truth that no one is actually willing to do it.

"Any RIs or a company who contracts with RIs can import a skyline as long as the proper procedures were taken and it complies with the DOT/EPA requirements and emission regulations of individual states."

The individual states do not have the authority to govern the importation and legalization of vehicles. If you have any doubt of this, just pay attention to the news and California's lawsuit against the EPA. The DOT - NHTSA is a federal agency. The EPA is a federal agency. Federal is over individual states.

So I will slow it down for you, because you obviously have a learning disability, and I try to be kind to the handicapped. Federal > Individual States. The little alligator wants to eat the bigger one. And in this case its the Federal as that is bigger than the states.

"1. Your State does not have OBD2 Compliancy Laws."

Your state, does not get to chose if they have OBD II Compliance laws. OBD II is a federal requirement, and has been a federal requirement since 1996.

"2. You want to import based on short term stay in U.S."

Where exactly is this "short term stay" listed on the NHTSA or EPA site ?

"3. You want to import for racing/showroom purpose."

A racecar needs to be a race car. Showroom purpose ? What is showroom purpose ? Are you trying to say "Show or Display" purpose ?

So, Lee. Continue to put out false information on your site, and I will continue to expose it, and educate people.

I hope I keep you from defrauding anyone out of money. I am getting irritated with you now. I will dedicate as much time as it takes, to make sure no one wastes money with you.

You said in your email that you have an ad in "Super Street" Magazine. Is that supposed to impress me ? Seriously. They will gladly take your money. Which ad guy did you deal with ? I have probably known them for 8 or 9 years. Ask them if they know me. Tell them I am making you butt hurt.

EVIDENCE. EVIDENCE. There you go. Should I go on ?


Anonymous said...

Oh my god Sean. Thank you for all of this. I was actually considering using Supaca to import a Skyline. I fell stupid now. lol. Anyways, I'd just like to say thank you very much. In a matter of minutes, i was able to save a LOT of money thanks to you. So, cheers, Sean and thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I actually kept their website address for so long since I found it thinking that they will be able to import JDM cars into US with no hustle. I almost got my friend into trouble for referring into Supaca. Thanks for putting up with this scammer.

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