FNF4 - Mines or Yours ?

There have been lots of rumors about the Mines R35 coming to the US, and possibly being featured in Fast and Furious 4. As far as it seems right now, the movie people, and Mines could not come to an agreement. I have heard that one of Mines R35 GT-R's was de-registered, and sitting at the port ready to go. According to my sources, that car is out. The movie wanted an R35 GT-R, and there are only three of them in the US. Sometimes it seems, the movie people do not come to the realization that an R35 GT-R in the US is more rare than a Bugatti Veryon. Moneywise, not even close, but the realities of one in three cars, is one in three cars.

Of the three cars in the US that are not owned by Nissan, one car is undergoing development work, and can not be freed up for the movie. Another car on its way cross country. So it seems they might be down to a single car. I wonder which that might be. Of course, all bets are off, in case the budget gets freed up to have some JDM R35 GT-R's take a flight.

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