Hennessey Performance Claims first 700+ whp R35 GT-R

Hennessey Performance claimed the first 700+ whp R35 in a post on Viper Alley yesterday. After a few hours though, it seems like they may have mis read the dyno chart, and the car actually made 700 rhwp , and 600 lb-ft of torque.

Watch this space for some dyno charts and videos.

Modifications :It would have made more power but we ran out of injector at 21 psi. These numbers are uncorrected in 55 deg. air. The SAE corrected number was around 654 rw hp.

Mods include:
Upgraded T3 Ball Bearing Turbos - sorry not giving out the specs just yet
Custom stainless headers
Custom stainless downpipes with external wastegates
Custom stainless midpipe and exhaust
Upgraded Fuel Pump
Upgraded Intercooler Plumbing
Upgraded Inet Plumbing and BOV's
Boost Controller
Custom Tuned Software (using Cobb)

Power was made on 109 octane unleaded fuel.

With larger injectors and more tuning time I think we will hit 700 rw hp SAE on about 24 psi. We will be offering our turbo upgrade system and calibration which should work with most kits out there like the HKS570 kit, etc.

695 is pretty close to 700. They probably did bigger turbos, good gas ,and an aggressive tune. Not sure how much rwd, to all wheel drive will show on a dyno, but my past experiences have been around 20 whp higher rwd only vs all wheel drive.

Source : Viper Alley and 6 Speed Online

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ultimate lurker said...

According to the sales propoganda they don't include an ECU tune.

I don't know much about cars but that doesn't seem like a smart avenue to drive down...

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