740 All Wheel Horsepower

504x_Switzer_R850 That has a good ring to it.  740 all wheel horsepower.   To make 740 all wheel horsepower out of an RB26, you are running some pretty serious cams, headwork, a set of 2835’s, good fuel, and the rest of the support you need.  Something that that VR38 has that the RB does not, 715 lb-ft of torque.  The 121.5 mm C-C rod on the RB just does not produce that much torque, for that amount of horsepower. From Jalopnik

the package runs about $20,900 and includes the tunes for both pump and race gas, as well as a larger dual-core radiator, thermostat, and Switzer MONSTER intercoolers.
They didn't mention it there, but I am pretty sure it includes larger turbos. It would be difficult to make that much power without upgraded turbos.

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