Cute Camaro Plans to Take on GT-R At Nurburgring


These guys in Texas, they think they are special. Probably a little more like short bus special, but they are special alright.  As much as I like GM cars, and we are GT-R fans,   these guys from East Texas Muscle Cars think they can take a V-6 Camaro, put some squirrel turbos on it-oh not squirrel - Squires Turbo Systems remote mount turbos on it, and beat an R35 GT-R at Nurburgring, not likely. 0902gmhtp_08_z 2010_chevy_camaro_engine_options llt_v6_engine_for_camaro_ls_lt_models

They are doing more than just the turbos, a brake upgrade, wheel upgrade, coil overs, and some bushings to address as they say “the stock Camaro's tremendous understeer and cradle walk”.

"We will have a full interior and be running 275/35 Bridgestone RE050 [street] tires. Everyone knows the GT-R wasn't running street tires at the 'Ring
Sport Auto did a 7:38 with a production GT-R.  We think they might have an issue or two getting a V-6 , squirrel charged, coil-overed Camaro within 20 seconds of the time they will turn in a stock R35 GT-R. Results can be skewed in anyone's hands, and if they are trying to sell product or prove a point, you are going to want your product to be on top . 

We think they should look at something more like Mark Stielows Jackass.  Its a 69 Camaro with a LS9, ZR1 front suspension, ZR1 Carbon Ceramic Brakes. That would probably be something a little closer to what a stock GT-R will do.

Source: Edmunds Inside Line


Anonymous said...

funny might be AMERICAN MUSCLE from a bankrupt corperation...i say v6 camaro vs stock gtr...see who wins.

Jeff Chong said...

It is short bus special alright. I want to know where I can place a bet, since the result is so clear. The only way a Camaro can beat a GTR is if it is a ZR1 with a Camaro body on it. Besides, what's the point of comparing a stock car to a modding car?

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