Midnight Purple R35 : Paint in Progress

Here it comes. Midnight Purple on an R35. I am not personally a fan of purple. It reminds me of my 7th grade English teacher. Her favorite color was purple, and she had the shape of a grape. Everyday she wore purple. When I think of purple, I think of her, and our disagreements with her teaching style. Enough of my own adversions to a color. I prefer red, because red is faster.
In the paint booth. It looks like it should be out of the booth soon. 


Jeff C said...

7th grade English teacher.....that was funny! That GT-RR project R35 was painted midnight purple like 2 years ago..... I start to not care about color much anymore, as long as it is not black and it runs 9s and I am happy :)

Sean Morris said...

No one at that 9 second barrier yet. I am sure once the trans gets to working, and one car does it, there will be a flood of 9 second cars.

Jeff C said...

Yeah the power is already there, once the trans get tuned, it will be a bunch of 9 second cars. Crazy times are coming, a 100% street car that runs 9s! I think all the Mine's power upgrade on race gas is the ultimate, it should run high 9s with the same or better then stock response.

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