1142 AWHP : 3.8 Liter, 4.0 Liter Dyno Results : Updated Video

Updated with Video
SP Engineering has been fairly quiet as of late. Hiding out at their workshop, cooking up new combination's with 3.8 liter, and 4.0 liter, Greddy TD06 turboed VR38DETT's.
1142 awhp 3.8 liter, 33 psi.  1104 awhp 4.0 liter , 31 psi

Boost = horsepower.  The more boost you run, the more power you make.  Well, at least until a point.  If you aren't heating the air up too much, you will keep making power, until you run out of octanes.  In the two dyno charts, above and below you can see how there is better response with the 4.0 stroker engine.  The 4.3 liter stroker, should pick up even more power in the low end.

1023 AWHP, 4.0 liter 27 psi.  1004 AWHP, 3.8 liter, 27 psi
These runs were done back in October.  They say they have made more power since then, but they are not letting anyone know, until the next time they run at the track.  Based on what the 3.8 liter does at 33 psi, the 4.0 should be around 1200 AWHP at similar boost levels.    Who thought that 1100 AWHP was enough?


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