10.011 on Stock Turbos: Stock Transmission : Nissan GT-R

Sleepdoc over at the NAGTROC forums is at it again, improving his 1/4 mile time each and every track event. He has it down to a 10.011@ 136.90 mph on stock turbos, with a stock engine, and a stock transmission.  So close to a 9 second pass, which is just about unbelievable for the amount of modifications done to the car.

60' 1.483
330 4.181
1/8 6.430
mph 106.52
1000 8.364
1/4 10.011
MPH 136.90
The mods to the car are fairly normal for what we expect to see on a modified Nissan GT-R,but the combination of the right parts and good driving puts this car so close to the 9's. . Cobb AccessPORT controlling the ECM and the TCM(transmission control module) tuned by Jack Cecil. The car picks up E85 fuel though an HKS upgraded fuel system, ID 1000 cc injectors.On the intake side of the turbos, the car sports a Cobb intake.   Exhaust is expelled though Kreissieg downpipes, an HKS midpipe, and an HKS legamax exhaust.

His fastest trap speed of the night also set a stock turbo GT-R record at 137.6 mph.   Good luck to sleepdoc at reaching a 9 second pass.

Here is a video of a 10.04 @ 137.36 mph pass

10.01 pass, stock turbos, stock engine, stock transmission.


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