AMS Goes 9.07@160 mph : New Record : Alpha 12

AMS just posted some results of the last trip to the drag strip with their Alpha 12 package.  With a best pass of 9.07@160 mph they are oh so close to the 8 second barrier. On the pass, they had a mechanical failure, and lifted the head at around the 145 mph mark.

Eric from AMS had this to say:

This week we headed to the track for some test passes and to put a little more R&D into the Alpha package. We started the day running 9.3@160 on about 950 whp and steadily increased it to almost 1000Whp (Mustang Dyno) where we ran a best trap of 163mph. It was then that we broke our first rear axle on a GT-R. Thanks to Ivan’s quick work, we swapped it out and continued testing.

To push the limits, we turned up the power a little more and managed to get a 9.07@160. But, at about the 145mph mark, we blew a head gasket and lost a bank. It looks like we’re reaching the limits of the stock architecture of the GT-R VR38 and discovering its week points one-by-one. 

Like the Bionic man, they plan on bringing it back, faster and stronger.  The race for the 8's continues. There are several cars out there that are pushing and exceeding the limits.

The old Alpha 12 dyno. New chart coming soon. 


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