2012 Nissan GT-R Spec R

In Japan, there may be a higher performance version of the DBA R35 coming out soon.  The Spec R is supposedly going to be the replacement for the slow selling Spec  V GT-R.  As of December last year, Nissan had only sold 49 of the 15,750,000 yen Spec V's.

The Spec R is rumored to come in at 12,000,000 yen($148,405), offer a weight reduction to 3637 lbs(1650kg), and a 30 ps(~30 hp) boost over the standard 2012 car. There is a chance we could see this car in the US, as the main hold up on the Spec V coming here was the support for the carbon ceramic brakes.  Not a lot of information on how they will reduce the base weight by nearly 200 lbs.  The Spec V including the carbon ceramic brakes came in at 132 lbs lighter than the standard car.  The parts that helped to make the Spec V light, also made it very expensive. $10k titanium exhaust, $40k carbon ceramic brakes , $20k Recaro carbon fiber seats.

Will the horsepower increase come from larger turbos like the Spec V or will Nissan just bump up the boost?  On the dyno in the US, it has been found that the DBA, doesn't run any more boost than the 2009-2011 car, but there are some intake, exhaust, and cam timing changes.


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