One Lap of America : Day 1 Results

The first day of the One Lap of America's events were the wet skidpad, and an autocross.  The wetskid pad is exactly as it sounds, a skidpad that is wet down, the cars circle the track in two directions and try and get the quickest time, which is then calculated to an average "G" reading.

The top spot was taken with an average 0.826 was DaveM3Fan's 2011 One Lap M3 Sedan2011 BMW M3 ZCP. The top three spots being taken by BMW's.Catesby Jones's GT-R did an average of 0.785 to put them in 17th place overall.  The Top Speed GT-R finished with an average reading of 0.781, 20th overall. Todd Treffert in the third GT-R competing averaged a 0.727 for 42nd spot. The complete wet skidpad results are here.

After the wet skidpad at the Tire Rack in South Bend Indiana, the group transitioned to Grissom Air Force Base for an autocross. Top Speed came up with the quick time with a 50.707, a little suprising due to the GT-R's heft. The GT-R doesn't normally like small low speed courses, but the combination of Leh, and the Top Speed tuning seemed to work out, covering the second place Honda CRX, cone killer. Catesby Jones GT-R finished in 5th with a 52.165. In 10th spot Todd Treffert finished with a 54.032.  Todds GT-R is very stock. Its on stock tires, AP curved vane rotors, just minor items. It will be great to see how the event turns out for them.

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