Switzer R1KX - 1100 AWHP Dyno Video

R1KX engine
 400 horsepower at the wheels is fast. There are a lot of people in this world, that have no idea what 400 whp feels like.  It makes most giddy with excitement, with the g-force that presses you into the seat.  Now take that power and double it, nah, nearly triple it, and now how does it feel?   With that kind of power your right foot needs to be taken very seriously. Make sure you are pointed in the right direction, because what is over there is going to start coming towards you rapidly.

In this video a Switzer tuned R1KX puts down 1100 awhp at 30 psi of boost.  While 30 psi might sound high to a lot of people, the rumors are that Switzer has run as high as 45 psi testing R1K's. The R1KX sports some larger turbos than the run of the mill R1K, giving it potential out to?  Well, we will find out soon.

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