Cobb AccessPort: Adjustable Launch Control

thistle is at it again.  Is there anything this guy can't do with the Cobb AccessPORT?  The next step is switchable launch control, via the cruise control switch.  This setup is just for the "AP006" or the AccessPORT with TCM support. edit - Joe from Cobb mentions its on the ECU side, so the AP005 and AP006 will have the ability to have adjustable launch control.

The way that it's set up it's in the ECU, so it will be part of the ECU mapping and therefor be part of both the AP-NIS-005 and AP-NIS-006.

My new work handles the staging RPM and throttle behaviour, and breaks the link between it and any VDC or TCM restrictions. Obviously it needs testing on the various types of TCM, but I think it will be good. Give us a little time to work out all the practical details, but I'm very pleased indeed with the way the RPM shoots up to just over 4000 RPM and holds
The RPM comes up quickly.  It should help out guys that do a lot of drag racing. It can take a little while for the cars to come up to a preset RPM. It also can be a little dangerous, as it might encourage some more transmission abuse.  However, if everyone is big kids, and realizes what they are doing, it could be fun.  Currently they are testing this feature, but when it becomes available, we will post more information.


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