2012 Nissan GT-R Exhaust Differences

There has been a little bit of debate on how Nissan improved power from 485 hp for the 2010-2011 (480hp 2009) GT-R, to 530 hp for 2012. There is an actual change in the rear section of the exhaust, that was documented by Litchfields in the UK.

A few people have mentioned that the midpipe/y-pipe is also different.  Today, I went and took a few pictures, and measured a midpipe/y-pipe that came off a 2009 GT-R, and a 2012 GT-R.

2009 and 2012 midpipe
 Flanges are the same. ID of the piping is the same.
2012 and 2009 midpipe
 The section between the flexpipe and resonator is the same size piping.
Which do you think is which?
The rear section of the midpipe/y-pipe, behind the resonator, on the 2012 looks a little different, but the ID and OD are the same. The two midpipes are interchangeable.

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