8 Second Alpha 12 Nissan GT-R From AMS Video

Here is the video that a lot of people have been waiting for. The first 8 second pass by a Nissan GT-R. Several cars have been trying hard over the last couple months, and even the last few days, but AMS did it first. They were first to the 9's and now first to the 8's. Nice job AMS. Ivan the Terrible at the helm, trying to make that thing go straight down the quarter with 1356 all wheel horsepower. When big power all wheel drive cars spin the tires, they want to pull all over the dragstrip. This car features the AMS Alpha 12 package, which has so far exceeded their expectations for horsepower. It maybe should be renamed to Alpha 15, because its a lot closer to 1500 horsepower at the engine than 1200 horsepower. Not bad for a "3.8" liter. Although, they have not mentioned how much displacement they are running. Switzer is staying with a 3.8 and unsleeved. AMS was running a 4.0 liter for a while, with sleeves. SP Engineering was running up to 4.3 liters and sleeved. However both SP and AMS split blocks trying for the 8's. It looks like AMS is beyond the block splitting phase and onto the record breaking phase.
AMS Alpha 12 at Great Lakes Dragway

Even with a poor 1.668 60 foot time, the ALPHA 12 driven by our own Special Projects Technician, Ivan Phipps, went 8.975@169.49 mph!

60 foot 1.668
330ft 4.166
1/8th mile 6.042
1/8 mph 132.74
1000ft 7.634
1/4 8.975
1/4 mph 169.49

In addition the 60-130 time record was broken again with a 3.34 second blast from 60-130mph!! This makes the AMS Alpha 12 GT-R the fastest recorded street car to date from 60-130 mph!!!

Not bad for a true street car with air conditioning and all the other amenities of a GTR. You can drive this car to the store or across the country!

Of course all of our sponsors, without your support this would of been much more difficult. Your parts put us over the top!

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