First 8 Second Nissan GT-R : AMS Alpha 12

AMS Alpha 12 GT-R. First in the 8's

AMS has done it again. First to the 9's and now first to the 8's. Showing the last string of 9.0 second passes was not a fluke, they ran a best pass of 8.975@169.49 mph. The car is currently making 1356 awhp. The main difference between the last set of passes, and the first eight second pass was a switch to a 345 wide rear tire. A little more tire helped get enough traction to get this car to the eights, although it was still struggling with traction.

60 foot 1.668
330ft 4.166
1/8th mile 6.042
1/8 mph 132.74
1000ft 7.634
1/4 8.975
1/4 mph 169.49
60-130 time was broken again with a 3.34 second run
If you notice those numbers above, from a standing start, in 660 feet, this car hit 132 mph. That would be considered fairly fast. There are a lot of cars out there that can't hit 60 mph in 6.042 seconds, this modified Nissan GTR doubled it.

Source : NAGTROC

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