Switzer R1KX 1/4 Mile Drag Strip Results

Switzer Performance took their biggest and most powerful performance package for the Nissan GT-R to the dragstrip today. They only got in two passes, but the first pass put down a 9.04@161 mph. Not quiet fast enough to cover the AMS, 8.9 @169 mph pass, but its close. I foresee a little bit of a battle, to see how deep into the 8's each can go. As summer turns to fall, and the temperatures start to fall, expect the 1/4 mile times to decrease, and the mph to increase.  Stay tuned for the video, and the next 8 second car?

60': 1.54
330': 4.04
1/8th mile E.T.: 5.99
1/8th mile MPH: 128
1/4 Mile E.T.: 9.04
1/4 mile MPH: 161.2


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