The "New" Hulk GT-R from SVM

The "Hulk" wearing all new carbon fiber parts
I really like the carbon/kevlar fender liners in this "new" Hulk from SVM in the UK. Its a nice attention to detail.  Its going to be on display at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham,UK this weekend January 12th, and 13th.  They say they are shooting for 1600 horsepower. It would be cool to be able to see a weight on the car. Get it to an insane power/weight ratio.
Stock brake calipers. Look like Dynamic suspension. Line lock on the brake line. Kevlar fender liner
See more pictures after the break.

We decided that the Hulk needed to be a little more aggresive, Gain muscle loose fat LOL 
At the moment the engine for the HULk is being built and we are aiming for 1600BHP but this is not confirmed as yet.
Cosmetically we have carried out the following :
Top Racing Carbon wide Edition Front Bumper
Top Racing Carbon wide Edition Front Splitter
Top Racing Carbon wide Edition Front Wings
Top Racing Carbon Vented Bonnet
Top Racing Carbon Rear Bumper 
AMS Carbon Roof
Aeromotions Carbon Rear Tailgate
Aeromotions Carbon Motorised Rear Wing
Wald side Skirts
Wald Rear Arch Extentions
Kevlar Inner Arch Liners
Carbon Wing Mirrors
Carbon Composite Roof Antenna
Bayside Blue Paint Work with Silver Decals
19" x 12" Image 3 Piece split Rims with Hoosier Tyres

Carbon fiber doors

19 inch wheels. Hoosier tires. Kevlar fender liners

Lots of vents in the Top Racing front bumper for coolers. 

Kevlar fender liners look good. 

Aeromotions wing
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Anonymous said...

Those wheel arches look like my 5yr old did them with a pritt stick and some double sided sticky sure you can see some blue tack in 1 of those shots.

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