1500 Wheel Horsepower Godzilla GT-R From Switzer Performance

The guys from Oberlin Ohio, Switzer Performance have been dropping hints about their "Godzilla" Nissan GT-R the last couple of weeks. Here is the chart. Notice it goes off it at about 1500 horsepower.  The math says it peaked around 1550 wheel horsepower, but was still making 1500 at 8300 rpm.   All that out of 3.8 liters - 231 cubic inches.  It used to be a feat to get 1 horsepower per cubic inch of displacement.

7750 rpm/1050 lbs-ft = 1549 horsepower
The Goliath car was built to explore the limits of Switzer’s package architecture, building off of the same hardware upgrades as the Ultimate Street Edition, as well as the same intercoolers, plumbing, and exhaust hardware used in the USE, as well as the P700, P800, and record-breaking R1K-X Switzer GTRs. “The other component to this exercise,” explains Tym, “was to see how much power we could make on our engine program’s standard-bore/stroke 3.8L VR38 build that’s been so reliable for us over the past four years.”
Keep in mind, this is not some chopped-up dyno-queen/ringer car. Grinding or welding on the chassis was not permitted, so Goliath’s firewall, frame rails, and power steering systems are totally intact. The factory AC system is completely intact, and “is a must”, according to Switzer … which makes sense, considering how many of these cars end up in extreme climates.

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Stay tuned for some videos and more information on this Switzer Performance built beast.

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