Record Breaking 85mph ReFuel of Nissan GT-R - Fifth Gear

Now this is a bit different. In order to break a record of 142 miles covered in an hour with a production car, the team from Fifth Gear needed to be able to get some extra range out of a Nissan GT-R. 

At 150 mph, the GT-R was going to get 8 mpg and would run out of fuel at 130 miles, so they came up with what they say is inspired by jet aircraft. When I was in the Navy, we did this same kind of thing, its called UnRep, or underway replenishment. To fuel the ship, or the car, the two vehicles come along side, a line or hose is sent across, and fuel is pumped. 

This video shows their practice session, but no mentions if they managed to break the record. They also quote the car at 530 horsepower which is a 2012 model, the 2013 up is rated at 545 horsepower in the US.  Check out the video below. forum for discussion about importing vehicles over 25 years old to the US.

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