SoCal GT-R Invasion 2 Video

Its always cool to see this many Nissan GT-R's together. A couple of Hakosukas, three R32 GT-R's, and lots of R35's were out for the days procession.

Next time, we swear that there will be an actual cruise, probably starting a bit later in the day. The 5 am wake ups aren't for everyone on a Saturday morning.
SoCalGT-R Invaded Orange County for a second time on March 30th where we took over the top level of the Cars & Coffee parking garage. There were 36 R35s, 3 R32s and 2 Hakosukas that came out to the first spot. We picked up a couple and lost a couple for our group shot in Irvine, then picked up a couple more at the Import Tuner Tech Day meet including an R33 and R34. In total we had 52 GT-Rs represent for the day (45 R35, 1 R34, 1 R33, 3 R32s, 2 Hakosukas) forum for discussion about importing vehicles over 25 years old to the US.

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