Mustang vs Nissan GT-R on the Street

No matter what you have, there is something faster. If you say partake in some organized type street racing, you always want to have an idea of what you are up against.  Trust me, from someone that has seen some of the same roads,  seen some of these same Mustangs 10-15 years ago.

Even though the Mustang, they say is 495 rwhp, it might be. Its on a tire, and its got some pretty good suspension. Looks like the car pulled tire, on the street, on a 5 speed car. The dude can drive. And for $3k he is going to.

The GT-R got 2 cars, and got a good leave, but the Mustang ran him down, and went past him pretty quick. Its probably a 9 second Mustang, and a 10 second Nissan GT-R doesn't stand a chance.

Race was for $3K. Race was on asphalt and the GTR owner also stipulated no street prepping just burnouts.

1989 Ford Mustang hatch back mods are:
331 all motor pump gas 495rwhp
205 heads super victor intake
Teds carb shop 750 hp
T5 trans
28-10.5 slicks 

2013 R35 GTR mods are:
Full bolt ons
DPS Tune 
Water/alcohol injection
Drag radials (Toyo Proxes R888)
Video after the break. forum for discussion about importing vehicles over 25 years old to the US.

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