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2015 Nissan GT-R R36

Our friends over at GT Channel have a pretty good line on Nissan and Nissan GT-R news.  In this latest post, they throw out some speculation on the next model, the R36.  Please don't let that picture above be correct. The horrible grill, the horrible wheels, and the Jaguar vent in the fender. Slab sided, no flares. Not GT-R like at all.
We aren’t sure that the final direction of the next-generation R36 GT-R has been decided, but according to Nissan officials, the basics have been determined, and research is already under way. The two paths the R36 could take are: A more advanced version of the current GT-R; and the other is to build a completely new European-style, luxury GT-R
Infiniti Essence Concept built on a Nissan GT-R chassis
They say there are two different possibilities. Do they want to follow the 911, the Audi R8 and build a more luxurious car that will fall in line price wise and performance wise with those cars, or something more hybrid and sporty?

 If the new GT-R does indeed make its way into the Infiniti brand, the design would have to be a breakthrough image leader as Infiniti seeks success in Europe. Assuming the accuracy of rumors, we can say the next GT-R would have a slightly larger body, with a width of about 75 in. and a lower overall height of about 53 in. There would also be a power-assist electric motor, to achieve a total power output of 550 hp.  In this case, we can expect a fuel consumption improvement of more than 30 percent compared to the current model.
The NISMO version of the R35 GT-R will knocking on the door of 600 horsepower. Will the R36 go down a little in horsepower? The 2013 car is already 545 horsepower. A smaller displacement engine with electric assist for the front wheels is a possibility.
This diagram doesn't show the front wheels being driven. forum for discussion about importing vehicles over 25 years old to the US.

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