Nissan GT-R vs Skislope Video

What else can we pit a Nissan GT-R against? Jet? Bugatti? How about a skislope? Its all wheel drive, lots of power. In this video filmed in Sweden Team Iceriders tries to answer that question.  Watch the video below

Ever wondered if a Nissan GT-R can conquer a skislope?

To answer this question Team Icericers and Swedens best Auto-Movie producer Fredrik Jönsson from Redhouse Media made a film in March 2013 to see if it's possible. 
We also gladly recevied help in filming from the french production company Clash Productions.
It was a 2 day shoot where we had acces to the skislope in Kåbdalis between 6-9 am.
The rest of the day we spent filming in the beautiful surroundings of northern Sweden. forum for discussion about importing vehicles over 25 years old to the US.

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