Road and Track Magazine : NISMO GT-R First Drive

Chris Cantle from Road and Track got a chance to have four laps in the new 2015 NISMO Nissan GT-R.

It’ll rotate on the throttle, and it’ll rotate on the brakes. The Nismo GT-R is the most lively AWD street car I’ve ever driven. It’s fast and responsive, exactly like it should be. Nismo’s development gurus told me that with the toggles in “R” mode, the Nismo’s stability control systems won’t insert themselves into your livelier moments, just so long as long as you stay on the gas. The car is exactly as wild as you want it to be

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It seems like Nissan is moving the right direction with the GT-R. Answering some of the critiques about some of the soul, some of the involvement that lots of people say is missing.  Head over to Road and Track for the article and all the pictures.

Chris shot my NISMO R32 GT-R earlier this year. for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

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