Top Gear : 2015 NISMO GT-R First Drive

The US gets a NISMO sitting at the LA Auto Show. Japan gets a NISMO sitting at the Tokyo Motor Show. Top Gear gets to take a first drive in the car.

0-60 time? 

Literally nothing compares to it. The Nismo’s acceleration is utterly, utterly beguiling. Bizarrely, like the top speed, there’s no official figure, but engineers tell us it’s a little under the standard 2.7 seconds

How's it feel?

 GT-Rs aren’t the Tokyo-digital experience you’ve been sold. OK, so there are all sorts of clever traction control systems and Gran Turismo-spec digital readouts of many superfluous numbers, but the marginally lighter (around 20kgs) and substantially more powerful Nismo feels as mechanical, analogue, and darned… right as a 911 Turbo S.


As we mentioned, the Nismo is very flat and very sticky, helped in no small part by the tyres - the Nismo has its own super-soft barely-legal Dunlops developed just for the car
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