10 Fastest Nissan GT-R's in the World - How GT Spirit Got It Wrong

 #1    Heat Treatments R32 GT-R. Best pass 7.41@193 mph
GT Spirit put together a list of what they called the 10 fastest Nissan GT-R's in the World, but they are missing a few.  They seemed to focus exclusively on the R35, with the exception of the Heat Treatments R32 GT-R.  If they didn't include the Heat Treatments car from New Zealand (even though it ran its quickest time in Australia) then it would be at least 70% correct, but as it sits now, its about 10% correct. Obviously there are cars running around the world nearly every weekend. Some people doubt claims run at temporary tracks, or unknown tracks. So no matter what there are going to be disputes. Plus not going to include any rear wheel drive, back half, or tube frame cars. All wheel drive, as god and Nissan intended.  Here is closer to a list, including many other Skyline GT-R's from around the world, most with video links.

7.48@189 mph
#3 TopSpeed Ukraine 
#4 Godzilla Motorsports R32 GT-R

7.60@180 mph

#5 HKS R33 GT-R
#6 AMS Alpha Omega GT-R
7.70@186 mph
#7 ETS Nissan GT-R

Somewhere in here, it will be a bit fuzzy. Even though drag racing isn't big in Japan, there are some 7 second, and low 8 second R32/R33 in the country. for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

#8 Gosha Turbo Tech Nissan GT-R

7.81@178 mph
#9 Chaos Garage R32 GT-R


#10 Sumo Power Fuujin R33 GT-R
8.27@164 mph
Five R32's, two R33's, and three R35's sounds about right.

Source: GT Spirit

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