Oct 31, 2009

SEMA 2009 Preview : AIT Racing Widebody R35 GT-R

AIT-widebody-sneak This widebody R35 has been teased in the past, and now we are allowed to post up some of the details of the car. AIT Racing collaborated with Neoseven on this kit. 335 mm wide tires all around. 3 inches wider than stock all around. Check it out at the 2009 SEMA show. 3T Motorsports booth. #46103

Oct 30, 2009

GOTO Racing R35 GT-R at Infineon Video

GOTO Racing R35 GTR at Infineon. Pregrid, and on track. Standing in the pits near turn 11.

Oct 29, 2009

Greddy Turbo Kit - R35 GT-R 700 whp on 91 octane

HINGSGREDDYTT16BAR91OCTANE SP Engineering has installed another Greddy turbo kit on a customers R35 GT-R, and had some impressive results.  700 wheel horsepower on 91 octane fuel.

Current mods:
Greddy Turbo Kit
Greddy BOV + Pipe Kit
Greddy Intercooler Kit
Denso 850 CC Injectors
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Dual 255 LPH Fuel Pump kit (SP Engineering in house only)
HKS Plugs Heat Range 9
HKS Resonated Mid Pipe
HKS Legamax Exhaust

After the 91 octane runs, it was time to step up the octane and run the car on 109 octane and it did 749 awhp at 1.6 bar of boost.


Then the fuel was switched out again, to my favorite big turbo, big boost fuel – C16. 117 octane leaded race gas and the car laid down 775 awhp. This is now one of the most powerful, if not “the” most powerful R35 GT-R in the world.







Source : NAGTROC  and SP Engineering

Oct 22, 2009

Series III Nissan GT-R Specifications Released

2010nissangtr-tokyo000 Nissan is on a path of continual minor upgrades to the Nissan GT-R since it was released in 2007 in Japan, and in 2008 (as a 2009 model in the US) Nothing is ever perfect, and there are always minor and major tweaks to make the car better, stronger, faster, and more comfortable. 2010 Japanese model, 2011 US model car. We will have to see what upgrades make it here to the US.

YOKOHAMA (Oct. 21, 2009) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the release of the latest version of the Nissan GT-R, which goes on sale on December 7th at Nissan dealers nationwide in Japan. The updated GT-R receives a number of enhancements, including a revised navigation system, recalibrated suspension settings and an improved-flow catalyst system. It is scheduled to go on sale in other global markets beginning next spring. Nissan GT-R Since its introduction in the Japanese market in December 2007, the Nissan GT-R has gone through continuous evolution, remaining on the cutting-edge of multi-dimensional performance. The GT-R has also been acclaimed globally, winning more than 50 top awards in various categories since launch. Nissan also supports GT-R owners with exceptional after-sales service. The latest revisions to GT-R include a new HDD-based CARWINGS navigation system with enhanced entertainment functions. A USB port with iPod®*1 connectivity allows the driver and passengers to enjoy their favorite music in the car, creating an even more pleasant interior environment. *2 In addition, the GT-R’s suspension has been retuned to offer enhanced, premium quality ride comfort, while still providing the driver with a feeling of direct contact with the road surface. The accuracy of the front shock absorbers and springs has been increased and the stiffness of rear suspension radius rod bushings has been strengthened. Rear diffusers with cooling ducts, previously available only on the GT-R SpecV, have been expanded to non-SpecV models, improving cooling performance around the rear floor area. The exclusive Nissan GT-R SpecV models receive revised rear shock absorber settings, enhancing the characteristic combination of supple ride comfort and flat, predictable handling. In conjunction with this change, SpecV now comes standard with Dunlop tires. The previously standard Bridgestone tires are available as a factory-installed option. Finally, both the Nissan GT-R and GT-R SpecV achieve improved low- and mid-range engine response, thanks to newly adopted hexagonal meshed catalyst cells that reduce ventilation/airflow resistance.

Source : NAGTROC

Top Gear GTR Track Day Video

IMG_8681 Top Gear Track Day hosted by Doug of Switchcars.com!

Source : NAGTROC and Fontananissanracing.com

Oct 20, 2009

141.5 mph in the Quarter Mile : Switzer P800

DSC_0494-1 141.5 mph in the quarter mile. Not too bad for an R35 GT-R. No launch control , 2.0 60 foot. 103 mph at the 1/8th , 141.5 mph in the quarter. That's a pretty big top end charge.  A 1.6 60 foot time, could have put this car into the 9’s.  Could have, would have, should have. Getting close to that number.






Source : NAGTROC

0-300 km/hr Nissan GT-R P800


0-100 km/hr 2.9 seconds

0-200 km/hr 8.40 seconds

0-300km/hr 19.81 seconds

It even sounded like he lifted a little around 290 km/hr

Source: Dragtimes.info

Getting Closer to 9's : 10.193

oleg-p800-002 Oleg in his Switzer tuned P800 GT-R has ran a 10.193 quarter mile pass bettering any other GT-R pass to date. GT-R Blog reported that the car was on 19" Dymag carbon fiber wheels, and 315 Hoosier R6 tires. More suited to going around a track, than down a dragstrip, but if thats what they want to run, thats what they are going to run. They could have got a bit more traction with an A6 compound Hoosier if they are going to drag race,or even put an 18 inch wheel and a real drag radial on it.



Still a very quick pass. Congratulations to them. Source : GT-R Blog and Dragtimes.info

Oct 16, 2009

Pistonheads Video Interview : Katutoshi Mizuno

Pistonheads had the opportunity to interview Kazutoshi Mizuno from Nissan about the Nissan GT-R. Head over to their site for the full first part of the interview.  
Last month PistonHeads was invited to visit Nissan's Nurburgring Technical Centre for an exclusive interview with the 'father of the GT-R', the car's program manager and chief engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno.

The first question and answer is here, head over to their site for the rest of the questions and answers.

 Q1) For such a high performance machine, the GT-R is a big car and heavy one. Tell us why that is?


Source : Pistonheads.uk

Video: Audi R8 V10 Vs. Nissan GT-R

V-6 twin turbo vs V-10

Oct 14, 2009

Buddy Club P1 Coil Overs For GT-R

R35_Damper Buddy Club has released some information on their new P1 coil overs for the Nissan R35 GT-R. The Buddy Club coil overs are unique as they retain the use of the factory 3 position dampening switch.  The lower mounts allow the ride height to be adjusted manually.


Source: Buddy Club US

RB Motorsports R35 GT-R

CIMG6134 RB Motorsports has been looking for a used R35 over the last year, and last weekend, all the pieces fell into place, and we purchased an R35 GT-R.  Black/Black Premium . All stock, well taken care of.  The previous owner dropped it off to us at Laguna Seca during the World Challenge weekend.

This is the first time we had an extended drive in an R35 and its truly a rocket ship. 60 mph comes up before you know it. 70 mph passing on the freeway is just a tip into the throttle and you are moving at 90 mph.  The ride is firm, and the car tracks around on rough pavement, but its something we are used to from years of driving previous model GT-R’s.

For now the first modifications are wheels, then we will have to decide the direction we want to go with the car. Its a very capable car stock, but more than stock…just scary. 

New Porsche 911 Turbo - 10 seconds faster at Nurburgring

Porsche-911-turbo The new Porsche 911 turbo has improved its predecessor’s Nurburgring lap time by 10 seconds with a 7:39.   The new car is now 0.2 liters in displacement larger coming in at 3.8 liters with variable vane turbochargers.   Power is up 20 hp, and weight is down 50 lbs.   Still 12 seconds slower than Nissans claimed time of 7:27 for the 3.8 liter, twin turbo Nissan GT-R.



Source : Autocar

Oct 12, 2009

Limey Racing Clutch Packs For the R35 GT-R

Limey Racing has released upgraded and stock replacement clutch packs for the R35 GT-R.  The stock replacement packs will are rated at 620 ft/lbs, or about 650hp for $999.  The LR850 upgraded clutch packs are rated  at 800 ft/lbs or about 850hp for $1350.

p_IMG_0415_1 p_LR850_1


The next thing I would like to see someone develop would be some carbon/carbon clutch disks and friction surfaces for the clutch packs.  This would require some real re-thinking as they would not be a wet clutch surface, but then it might be possible to put a little heavier fluid in the trans to help cushion some of the gearshifts. 

Source : Limey Racing

Oct 5, 2009

R36 Nissan GT-R in 2013 ?

Pistonheads are reporting that a replacement for the R35 GT-R is on the way for 2013.

Speaking to PH later on – while waiting for a rapid ride around the Nurburgring circuit in a Spec-V development car – Andy confirmed that a model replacement programme was still in place in spite of the economic downturn, based on a roughly similar timescale to the Porsche replacement cycle.
With the 911 GT2 being the car Nissan likes to benchmark, that puts a lifespan of 5-6 years on the current R35 - according to our rudimentary maths.
Unsurprisingly, Andy also confirmed to us that the next-generation GT-R will be an evolution of the current platform, and will therefore retain the twin-turbocharged V6 and rear transaxle configuration.

I think they have it off a few years,  Porsche has never replaced the 911. Its been the same since 1963.  Well, not exactly the same, but updated over the years.  Expect the next update to the GT-R to be a minor life cycle change. Things like headlights, tail lights , minor driveline things.  Don’t look for any Infiniti Essence type hybrid powertrains for 2013.  The R32 to R33 to R34 GT-R were evolutions rather than revolutions of the Skyline GT-R. Expect more of the same for the “next” GT-R whether they call it R36 or if it stays as the R35. 
Source : Pistonheads

Oct 4, 2009

GTR 13 Shirt : Public Enemy #1

Check out the JDM Ego - Public Enemy GT-R Shirts. If you know, then you know. And even if you don't you should buy one. JDM Ego said they were going to start selling these soon. If you believe in GT-R's you should buy one.

For more on the story of why the GT-R is public enemy #1…click here.

 GTR13 gtr13-dromo


Source : JDM Ego

Oct 2, 2009

GT-R P800 vs Hayabusa (0-300 Kmh) - video

2008-hayabusa-gsx1300r-020Take one modified Nissan GT-R. Take one Suzuki Hayabusa 1340 cc motorcyle. Line them up and run them to 300 km/hr +. What happens ? Watch the video to see.
My motorcycle friends informed me the picture of a Hayabusa I had, was the wrong year. Also the Hayabusa is now 1340 cc.

Motorcycle USA – 166 whp.  10.37@139mph in the quarter


Oct 1, 2009

2011 (US) Nissan GT-R Updates


Yesterday at the Nurburgring, reporters from Pistonheads had a chance to talk with GT-R project chief Kazutoshi Mizuno about the 2011 Nissan GT-R Updates (MY 2010 Japan) and the Spec V for the European market. The upgrades that are coming for the 2011 car are the Spec-V's rear diffuser , new side NACA ducts, suspension tweaks, and an optional NISMO data-logging facility that will let drivers share and compare data via their PCs.

Pistonheads report that the Nismo data logging will allow owners to download their data though a USB port, and then load it to their PC for analysis and comparison. Nismo had an MFD upgrade for the R34 GT-R that was an option, and this sounds along the same lines.


The 2010 MY cars have an ECU modification to meet Euro 5 emissions regulations and improves low-speed tractability in low temperatures when the transmission fluid is still cold. They also mentioned that the "M-Spec" R35 would not be revealed in Tokyo, but rather some time next year. The M-Spec will be a more customizable version of the R35 with a more "bespoke" feel.

Head over to Pistonheads for more pictures and story.

Source : Pistonheads