May 30, 2010

Redline Time Attack : Live Coverage From Auto Club Speedway

Redline Time Attack has teamed up with OWLE TV on Live Coverage of the event at Fontana Auto Club Speedway. They have a dozen cameras out roaming the pits.

Day 1 Coverage – Redline Time Attack

Fast Time so far is the Cobb R35 with a 1:40.892 in Modified Class. Check out with the live streaming coverage below.


May 28, 2010

Time Lapse Engine Build : Cobb Time Attack R35

Cobb R35 Getting it
Cobb Tuning has been competing in the Redline Time Attack with their R35 this year. The car runs in the Modified class and won the modified class, and overall at New Jersey Motorsports park, after losing an engine at Buttonwillow.  After Buttonwillow the team replaced the expired engine with one from a wrecked street car.  They had a few issues at New Jersey, but not enough for them not to take the overall win.
At Las Vegas some issues from the wrecked street car engine reared their head, and the team decided to build the engine.  The next round of Redline Time Attack is at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Ca this weekend, May 29-30th.
Source : Cobb Blog via GTRBlog
The Redline Time Attack is going to be covered Live Streaming in a partnership with the guys at Owle. I was browsing some sites yesterday, and saw this neat add on for the iPhone. Its a better lens/microphone/ holding system for the iPhone that will give you good quality video for only $129. They will have up to a dozen cameras streaming at the same time, with some of them inside or on cars. John Naderi and Kerryann De La Cruz will also be in the paddock doing live interviews.

May 27, 2010

Stillen IMSA Nissan 300ZX on the Dyno 2010

Steve Millens IMSA Nissan 300ZX on the dyno at the 2010 Stillen Open house. Sorry I did not get a dyno number off the car. It was spinning the tires quiet a bit on the dyno.


Robbie Nishida Nissan GT-R Interview from Atlanta

Driftstream 2010 Interview with Jarod DeAnda at Road Atlanta

Round 2 Formula Drift

May 26, 2010

Launch Control 3.0 ?

There has been much ado about launch control on the R35 Nissan GT-R.  First there was the hidden, not so well hidden trick of the setup switches in R R Off.  This was called LC1. In RR Off the cars would hold 4500 rpms for a launch. This caused a few warranty issues with people abusing the system and breaking transmissions. Lawsuits, and arguing later brought about the next version of launch control.
The launch control system was revised with what was referred to as LC2.  The setup switches would need to be in RRR, and the car would be able to be held at 3000 rpms for a launch in either automatic or manual mode.
Now some people with 2011 Nissan GT-R’s are reporting that they need to have the cars in RRR, and manual mode, and they get launch rpm of 3300 rpms. A recent 2011 Nissan GT-R tested by Road and Track Magazine did clock a 3.3 second 0-60 time, which was faster than the ZR1 or new PDK equipped 997 Porsche.
The ZR1 at 11.5@128.7 mph, showing a big top end charge with some traction issues. The all wheel drive Porsche did a 11.7@121.8, the GT-R ran an 11.6@120.4 mph showing it to be a healthy GT-R.  Maybe the 2011 makes more than 5 hp more than the previous years ?
It sounds like Nissan is refining and tuning the launch control in the Nissan GT-R. It will be interesting to see what they do with launch control with the 2012 Nissan GT-R, that is rumored to get more than 500 hp.
Source : NAGTROC

May 25, 2010

Bugatti Veyron vs Nissan GT-R

Veyron vs GT-R video

Heavy weight battle right here. 16 cylinders, 4 turbos, 1001 hp, and all wheel drive vs 6 cylinders, 2 turbos , and 720 hp. Both cars have DSG(dual shaft gearboxes). The Bugatti has 7 gears, the GT-R has 6. Over a million dollars, to $85k stock, probably around $105k modified. Is the Nissan GT-R 1/10th of the car, or is the Veyron 10 times the car ? No matter how you cut it the Bugatti is an amazing car.

May 18, 2010

Switzer P800 Nissan GTR vs Koenigsegg CCR x 2 Races

Koenigsegg might be a name you have never heard of. They are a semi- obscure Swedish super car manufacturer that tried to purchase Saab in 2009 from General Motors.  However, they never carried though with the sale.
The CCR was produced from 2004-2006 by Koenigsegg, so this car is pretty rare. It was also listed as the “fastest production car” in the world, in 2005 to 2006 when the Bugatti Veyron beat it.  Power is listed as 896 hp, and weight is listed as 1180 kg (2601 lbs) dry giving it an impressive power to weight ratio.
On February 28, 2005, at 12.08 local time, the Koenigsegg CCR broke the production road car speed record, achieving a new official top speed of 387.37 km/h (240.7 mph) at hoi Italy's Nardo Prototipo proving ground. A team of five Koenigsegg engineers and mechanics together with founder Christian von Koenigsegg ran a technically standard CCR, driven by famous supercar test driver and veteran record breaker Loris Bicocchi.

500 hp 2012 Nissan GT-R : 7:18 at Nurburgring ?



Autoblog reports that the 2012 Nissan GT-R will get an increase in power to over 500 hp to match the newest 911 twin turbo in power and performance.

The Nissan GT-R’s previous Nurburgring lap time of 7:26.7, set a benchmark for performance that was one upped by the ZR1 and the Dodge Viper ACR.  The rumors were that the SpecV had run 7:18, but no official figures or videos were ever released.

Along with the upgrade in performance, they say there will be some aerodynamic upgrades to increase downforce and put this car solidly into 911 GT2 RS Nurburgring lap times.  We will have to see the coverage, and videos that will undoubtedly be released in the coming months.

Source : Autoblog

May 14, 2010

Boost Logic Turbo Kit for Nissan GT-R

GTR Turbo Kit

Boost Logic has released details on their Nissan GT-R ,upgraded turbo kit.  The kit includes Precision turbochargers in a number of optional sizes.  The larger the turbo, the more power the car will make. The kit starts at $9600 MSRP, and includes two turbochargers, wastegates, exhaust manifolds, inlet and outlet piping. The kit will work with standard intercooler piping, and is compatible with stock or aftermarket intercoolers.

Godzilla Engine Bay

If you are looking to build a 1000 hp GT-R, this kit sounds like its a good option.

Boost Logic has spent the last 6 months researching and developing a high output twin turbo kit for the Nissan GTR. The development goal of the kit being maximum power, efficiency and reliability while maintaining bolt on fitment, is now available to ship worldwide. The Boost Logic GTR turbo kit is built around two of Precision's HP Technology series turbochargers featuring billet compressor wheel technology. The Turbochargers are sized for each application to suit the way the customer uses their vehicle, with power outputs ranging from 650 to over 1500 wheel horse power. What sets the Boost Logic kit apart from the competition is the hand fabricated stainless steel manifolds. These manifolds are made in house out of equal length 1 1/4th ID schedule 40 tubing feeding into a proper merge collector with Precision CNC'd V-band flanges for both the turbocharger and waste gate. Two Precision 46mm waste gates divert excess exhaust pressure and return the gasses into the 304 stainless steel downpipes via flex sectioned return tubes. Also supplied with the kit are intercooler pipes required to adapt the kit to your current piping and 3in intakes, which are mirror polished after being hand fabricated and TIG welded.
The Boost Logic R&D GTR has broken record after record using this kit. Making 823WHP at 26psi its currently one of the highest horsepower GTRs in the world. It held the quarter mile trap speed record at 140.3MPH on its first outing to the track and currently holds the standing mile record for the GTR at an incredible 203.6MPH. All accomplished on a stock internal, stock transmission GTR.
The Boost Logic Turbo Kit MSRP 9600$
-Precision HP Technology Billet Turbochargers (55/58/60/62mm)
-Precision 46mm Waste gates
-Boost Logic 1 1/4 Tubular Headers
-Boost Logic Downpipes with Wastegate Recirculation
-Standard High Temp Coating on Headers/Turbine Housings/Downpipes
-Boost Logic Intercooler Piping
-Boost Logic 3in Intake Tubing (Available without MAFs)
-Oil Feed and Return Lines
- Black Silicone Couplers and Clamps
-MAF Delete -$100
-Ceramic ball bearing center cartridge 1200$
- HP 67/65 Turbochargers (Over 1500whp capability) +300
Ceramic ball bearing center cartridge for HP67/65 +2000


May 10, 2010

Lexus LF-A vs Nissan GT-R : Motor Trend Magazine

Motor Trend Magazine had the opportunity to test a pre-production Lexus LF-A in a comparison test vs a Nissan GT_R.  This is really not much of a “comparison” rather using a Nissan GT-R as a $87,000 yardstick vs the $375,000 Lexus.
It is also a preproduction prototype -- a crusher in industry parlance. It has no VIN or license plate, and sits on non-DOT-approved tires, so we can't drive it on the street. When we're done with it, it gets shipped back to Japan where it will likely be reduced to a fine, expensive powder. To ensure we don't facilitate an earlier end on this side of the Pacific, two watchful handlers will accompany us while we have it.
Read more:
The Dyno
The Lexus LFA on the Superflow dyno at K and N makes 430 wheel horsepower, and 283 lb/ft of torque to the wheels in a wide flat torque curve you would expect from a high revving V10.  On the same dyno the Nissan GT-R makes a peak of 382 wheel horsepower, and 376 lb/ft of torque that flattens off as the twin turbo V-6 advances towards redline.  The characteristics of a V-6 twin turbo engine with small exhaust housings, and big wastegates.
The Drag Race Video

May 9, 2010

One Lap of America : Final Results


The last event on the One Lap was the dry skidpad at Tire Rack.  If you have ever watched, or participated in a skidpad test, its a hard event to quantify while watching.  It all looks like cars going slowly around in circles. 

1     3 Porsche          GT2              SSGT1 BB          1.098 G   340
Douglas Wilks, Leh Keen
2 4 Nissan GT-R SSGT1 BB 1.063 G 335
Catesby Jones, Jose Collado
3 5 Chevrolet Corvette SSGT1 BB 1.059 G 330
Jeremy Herzberg, Danny Popp, Todd Rumpke
4 6 Subaru WRX STI MidPri Sed 1.046 G 325
Michael Lattos, Erik Van Cleef
5 54 Honda Civic Si Econo Car 1.043 G 320
Jonathan Weir, William Chan

6 55 Honda Civic Econo Car 1.021 G 315
Andy Hollis, Ann Hollis
7 39 BMW 325is SSGT2 SB 0.995 G 310
Anthony Magagnoli, Kevin Kreisa
8 124 MAZDA MAZDA 5 S U V 0.991 G 305
9 11 VW GTI SSGT2 SB 0.985 G 300
Bill Unwin, Reg Noble
10 24 Dodge Viper SRT/10 SSGT1 BB 0.984 G 295
George Batejan, Steve Smotrich


The Porsche , and Nissan at the top, but down further in the order is interesting. A couple of Honda Civics , a Mazda 5 pulling a 0.99 G , and a GTI all in front of a Viper.  How's that for interesting ?


Final Results from the 2010 One Lap of America.  Overall winner was Leh Keen, and Douglas Wil ks in the Porsche GT2. Second place went to Catesby Jones, and Jose Collado in the Nissan GT-R a position and order that has been maintained for most of the One Lap of America.


Cumulative Overall Points as of - Sat May 08 11:55:42 2010

Page 1

Results sorted by position

Pos Car # Vehicle Class Points

1 3 Porsche GT2 SSGT1 BB 6040

Douglas Wilks, Leh Keen

2 4 Nissan GT-R SSGT1 BB 5980

Catesby Jones, Jose Collado

3 5 Chevrolet Corvette SSGT1 BB 5745

Jeremy Herzberg, Danny Popp, Todd Rumpke

4 39 BMW 325is SSGT2 SB 5415

Anthony Magagnoli, Kevin Kreisa

5 9 Porsche 997 Turbo SSGT1 BB 5390

Rene von Richthofen, Hugh D. Bate

6 8 Porsche 911 GT3 RS SSGT1 BB 5305

Geoffrey Bond,

7 15 Mitsubishi Evolution X MidPri Sed 5225

Chris Wirth, Sean Caron

8 54 Honda Civic Si Econo Car 5190

Jonathan Weir, William Chan

9 21 BMW E90 M3 Luxury Sed 4920

Dan Schaut, Ben Schaut, Nicholas Schaut

10 55 Honda Civic Econo Car 4820

Andy Hollis, Ann Hollis


Source: NAGTROC  , One Lap of America ,and Motor Trend

May 7, 2010

Nissan GT-R vs Bugatti Veyron Teaser Video

Bugatti Veyron vs Nissan GT-R

A couple days ago, I posted up a video of a couple Switzer Performance P800 Nissan GT-Rs and a Bugatti Veyron racing on a highway in Russia.  Now from comes the teaser video. It looks like they are going for Top Gear'>Top Gear type production on the video.  1001 hp car vs 730 hp car, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going to happen.

Bugatti Veyron vs Nissan GT-R R35 from on Vimeo.

Nissan GT-R SpecV : Auto Express Test

With a blistering 0-62mph time of 3.2 seconds and even better handling the Spec-V is the ultimate Nissan!
The SpecV clocks in with some impressive numbers during the Auto Express test .0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds. 1.2 G’s on the skidpad.
However the rumors have been that even only producing 30 per month, that sales of the SpecV are slow. The car comes in at nearly twice the price of the normal GT-R.  The future of the SpecV is uncertain, especially considering Nissans refusal to sell it in the US.

GT-R Videos

Greddy TD06SH 20G R35 Twin Turbo Kit

Greddy TD06SH 20G R35 Twin Turbo Kit from SP Engineering on Vimeo.
In attempts to provide the much sought after R35 GTR with significant power gains, Greddy has put together an off the shelf twin turbo kit that enables SP Engineering to build a 9 second daily driven GTR without sacrificing the comfort of removing the interior, etc.
SP Engineering was able to produce a whopping 9.62 second 1/4 mile slip at 149mph using this setup including the Type29 R-Spec XL intercooler. Another client of SP Engineering, Hing Yim, was also able to pull a 9.84 quarter mile pass.
This kit provides the tuner with all the essential hardware to get their GTR up to 800+ power gains. Fuel management is not included in the kit. For more inquiries please contact any sales rep at Greddy or SP Engineering.
All installation, and tuning for this video has been executed by SP Engineering techs. Please inquire with or for any questions regarding such services.

Online Nissan GT-R Parts Catalog

May 6, 2010

One Lap of America : Mid Ohio Results


Another day, another track.  Yesterday the One Lappers were at Mid-Ohio.  Mid-Ohio is many peoples favorite tracks, but I personally hate it, as it tried to kill me twice.  Well, maybe not kill, but it poured rain in 2006, when we were there with World Challenge and the R34. The mud was about 6 inches deep in our pit, which lead to lots of other issues.  In 2008, I went to Mid-Ohio with Dan and his Scion, and the tail end of Hurricane Ike came though. Rain, wind that picked up port a potty’s, and weight drums and threw them around like empty aluminum cans.  Yeah, it pretty much sucked.  We have another World Challenge event there August 6-8,2010 , I think I might be sick that weekend.


Mid-Ohio One Lap results.  Again, probably not suprising the 911 GT2 with Leh Keen at the helm placed first in both the standing start sessions.

1     3 Porsche          GT2              SSGT1 BB        4:51.717   340
Douglas Wilks, Leh Keen
2     4 Nissan           GT-R             SSGT1 BB        5:00.672   335
Catesby Jones, Jose Collado
3    39 BMW              325is            SSGT2 SB        5:05.051   330
Anthony Magagnoli, Kevin Kreisa
4     6 Subaru           WRX STI          MidPri Sed      5:08.934   325
Michael Lattos, Erik Van Cleef
5     5 Chevrolet        Corvette         SSGT1 BB        5:14.297   320
Jeremy Herzberg, Danny Popp, Todd Rumpke

The rest of the top 5 swapping positions between the morning and afternoon sessions.

1     3 Porsche          GT2              SSGT1 BB        4:40.493   340
Douglas Wilks, Leh Keen
2     5 Chevrolet        Corvette         SSGT1 BB        4:45.910   335
Jeremy Herzberg, Danny Popp, Todd Rumpke
3     4 Nissan           GT-R             SSGT1 BB        4:49.667   330
Catesby Jones, Jose Collado
4    39 BMW              325is            SSGT2 SB        4:52.736   325
Anthony Magagnoli, Kevin Kreisa
5     6 Subaru           WRX STI          MidPri Sed      4:59.414   320
Michael Lattos, Erik Van Cleef
The overall points lead puts the GT2 25 points in front of the Nissan GT-R.
Barring any big mistakes by the GT2, it looks like the GT2 will take the win this year.  However, there have been some
reports of possible rain, which could throw a wrench into things.
Cumulative Overall Points as of - Wed May 05 15:04:29 2010
Page 1
Results sorted by position
Pos Car # Vehicle                          Class            Points

1     3 Porsche          GT2              SSGT1 BB         4340
Douglas Wilks, Leh Keen
2     4 Nissan           GT-R             SSGT1 BB         4315
Catesby Jones, Jose Collado
3     5 Chevrolet        Corvette         SSGT1 BB         4205
Jeremy Herzberg, Danny Popp, Todd Rumpke
4     9 Porsche           997 Turbo       SSGT1 BB         3905
Rene von Richthofen, Hugh D. Bate
5     8 Porsche          911 GT3 RS       SSGT1 BB         3855
Geoffrey Bond, 

Source : One Lap and Motor Trend Blog

STILLEN Open House – Saturday May 8th – Update!


Saturday, May 8th, 2010 – 9am – 2pm

3176 Airway Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

The STILLEN Open House event is arguably the largest gathering of Nissan/Infiniti owners in the world.  Showcasing some of the most highly modified vehicles you can imagine from all over the United States.  This day-long event is here at the STILLEN facility, and in 2008 we had to block off more of the street than usual and this year we are hoping to go even further!  This show brings thousands of cars and is a great place to see all kinds of modified vehicles from mild to wild!

Come down, bring your Nissan or Infiniti (or just yourself) and join us as we celebrate 25 years of STILLEN and Nissan/Infiniti performance!

Special Features and Attractions:

  • Over a thousand highly modified Nissan/Infiniti cars from around the country
  • Discounted Dyno Runs
  • Free Install on Selected Items
  • Show Specials on Products
  • Special Guest Appearances
  • Shop Tours
  • Technical Seminars
  • New Product Launches
  • Vendors Displaying Product and Answering Questions
  • Great Raffle Prizes and Giveaways
  • And much much more!

Check out some photos from our previous events:


Source :  Stillen

May 5, 2010

Bugatti Veyron vs Switzer P800 Nissan GT-R

From Russia, these guys are nuts.  They just stop on the freeway, blocking traffic and do 0-300 km races. Nuts.
In this video a couple of Switzer modified P800 Nissan GT-R’s. Its a little hard to tell what happened, but the story is the GT-R’s got off the line a little better, but the Bugatti pulled on them at the top end. There should be some more videos coming soon.

Nissan GT-R Online Parts Catalog 

May 4, 2010

The Wildest R34 Skyline GT-R : Garage Ito With Prostock

This is about as wild of an R34 GT-R as you will ever see. Dino Dalle Carbonare posted up this awesome set of pictures on this insane R34 at Speedhunters.
Why do I call this the wildest R34 ?
It cost a massive $350,000 to build and has yet to see the light of day on a race track. It all started back in 2006 when Hiroya-san, a very good customer of Garage Ito in Osaka, decided to see if he could challenge the lap time record at Tsukuba set by the HKS CT230R.
350k and it hasn’t even run. From the looks of it, its close to running, but just needs a few finishing things to turn a lap.
If you looked at a lot of GT-R’s you would realize how far set back the engine was. If you know GT-R’s you would also know why this is so difficult.
Heres a different angle from the World Challenge R34. Same titanium Nismo stut tower brace. Look at the relationship of the front cover to the strut tower brace in the Prostock car.  The further you can put the weight behind the front axle, the more responsive the car will be. And that leads to the next item…the front axle.

Nissan GT-R’s at One Lap of America

This year there are two Nissan GT-R’s competing in the One Lap of America.  Last year the Continental sponsored Cannonball GT-R won overall  . This year Catesby Jones decided to pick up a 2010 GT-R to run in the event, with Forged Performance preparing the car for the event.  Follow the Catesby Jones GT-R here. Follow the Cannonball GT-R here.
The Tire Rack One Lap of America is the toughest 8 days of racing featuring the fastest street-legal cars on America's most challenging racetracks! Seasoned One Lap of America contender Catesby Jones who finished 3rd place overall last year decided to up the ante this year. Catesby went out and bought a beautiful white 2010 Nissan GT-R. We put our heads together and come up with a game plan for the project. The plan was to drop of his car brand new car at Forged Performance and pick it up a week later on the way to One Lap of America ready to compete! We didn't have a lot of time for this build so we knew we had to act fast. We ordered all the parts and immediately started going to work.
At the first event, the wet skidpad,  the 2009 winner Cannonball GT-R dominated with a 0.962 G average, followed by a 0.911 for the Catesby GT-R.  The one to watch Leh Keen in the Porsche GT2 came in 8th place with a 0.853 average.
The first roadcourse the Cannonballers hit was Road America.  Sliding into a 7:49.824 was Leh Keen in the Porsche GT2, followed by the Cannoball GT-R with a 7:52.457. The Catesby GT-R coming in 4th with a 7:55.987.

Hankook Nissan GT-R Drifting

Since SEMA, we have been following this Nissan GT-R that has been put together by Gruppe-S/Dynamic Autosports to drift in the Formula D series.  The car is VQ35 powered, and was out at Adams Kart track testing April 29th. Check out Wrecked Magazine, and Adams Drift for some more pictures and info on local SoCal Drifting.


The car should be headed on its way to Atlanta for the next round of Formula Drift that starts in just 3 days.  The event is able to be viewed live on Driftstream .


A photo from Eric O’Sullivans blog, just prior to the first round of Formula Drift at Long Beach. They did not make that event, but are looking good for the next round.



Source : Wrecked Magazine , Adams Drift , and Eric O’Sullivans Blog

May 3, 2010

Ferrari 599 GTB vs Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring

Check out the video of a modified Nissan GT-R vs a Ferrari 599 GTB at Nurburgring.

GT-R VS Ferrari 599 GTB

Yellow GTR

Some more pictures from the trackday are posted up on the NAGTROC forums.


Source : NAGTROC

Video : 9.62@148 mph SP Engineering GT-R

SP Engineering smashed the Nissan GT-R 1/4 mile record with a 9.62 @ 148 mph pass.  In this video Alex pilots the SP Engineering R35, and Hing pilots his R35 GT-R down the quarter mile.

Each car is modified with Greddy turbo kits, and a list of other parts to support 9 second quarter mile times. The breakthrough for the 9 second passes has been the work by several talented individuals working on decoding the stock TCM.
It would be good to see a 60 foot quicker than the 1.6’s . There is a fine balance, and an all wheel drive car always launches a little bit differently than a rear wheel drive car. I think that the times could drop into the 1.4 range with a little less wheelspin.  A tenth in the 60 foot is worth nearly two tenths at the end of the quarter mile.
Source: SP Engineering

ZR1 vs 911TT vs GT-R : Road and Track Magazine


The big books love the comparison tests that pit some of the big dogs against one another to pick an overall “winner”.  Road and Track Magazine in the  June 2010 issue pits the 2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 , the 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo, and the 2011 Nissan GT-R in a road and track test. Funny how that works out.  For the track they went to Spring Mountain Ranch in Pahrump , Nevada . In the last comparison test they did with the Z06, 911, and the Nissan GT-R they declared the Nissan GT-R to be the King, this time outcomes are different, but really more of the same.

Two years ago, we pitted the then-new Nissan GT-R against the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and Porsche 911 Turbo (May 2008). The results astounded us: The all-wheel-drive, twin-turbocharged GT-R spanked its two better-known rivals, especially at the Buttonwillow racetrack, where the GT-R was some 5 seconds per lap quicker.

The 2011 Nissan GT-R carries just a few changes from the 2009 model.Some minor suspension, launch control, and a 5 hp bump are the significant performance differences. The 2010 Porsche Turbo gets a new 500hp direct injection powerplant. The 2010  ZR1 is still 638 hp, 3365 lbs, and carbon ceramic braked $100k plus Corvette.


At the track , the quickest time was laid down by the ZR1 with a  1:20.1 , eight tenths of a second behind the ZR1 was the GT-R with a 1.20.9, and bringing up the rear was the Porsche with a 1:21.3. 

0-60 Times for the cars were 3.5 seconds each for the ‘vette and the P car. The GT-R clocking a 3.3 second sprint to 60 mph. In the quarter mile the cars were all within two tenths. The ZR1 at 11.5@128.7 mph, showing a big top end charge with some traction issues. The all wheel drive Porsche did a 11.7@121.8, the GT-R ran an 11.6@120.4 mph showing it to be a healthy GT-R.  Maybe the 2011 makes more than 5 hp more than the previous years ?

In the end they pick the Porsche 911 turbo to be the winner (price independent), followed by the ZR1, then the GT-R. By their scale the GT-R behind the ZR1 by two tenths of a point, the P car winning by two points. However when you factor in the $121k ZR1 , the $149k 911 , and the $85K GT-R prices as tested the Nissan GT-R becomes the clear winner.

Throw a few thousand dollars in modifications at the Nissan GT-R, like a Cobb Access Port and the Nissan GT-R will get even quicker.  Although in this test, the GT-R actually came out on top in the Performance testing with 196.9 points compared to 195.3, and 194.7 for the ZR1 and 911 TT.

Head over to Road and Track to check out the videos of the comparison test.

Source : Road and Track Magazine