Jun 29, 2010

More Unmasking : 2012 Nissan GT-R

More photos of the updates to the 2012 Nissan GT-R are being captured at the Nurburgring.


In this picture, there is just two small bits of tape over the upper canard. The new front bumper design shows bigger openings, allowing more airflow to the intercoolers and radiators. A new wheel design is also evident from these pictures.

It is still going to be about 2 months before we see any official unveiling.  What do you think the new Nurburgring time will be?

Source: Inside Line

Jun 27, 2010

GT-R Blog GT-R Skyline Hoodies


It may be summertime for us in the northern hemisphere, but in the southern hemisphere, its winter time. Don’t let that stop you from picking up this new piece of GT-R merchandise. GT-R Blog and HARDTUNED.net have developed a hoodie that features R32 Skyline GT-R, R33 Skyline GT-R, R34 Skyline GT-R, and the R35 GT-R.

They are priced at $69(AUD).

Source : GT-R Blog

2012 Nissan GT-R to be Offered in Blue?

In Japan, some Nissan GT-R owners received an invite to the revealing of the 2011 JDM (2012 US) Nissan GT-R. The car in the invite is a shade of blue, which of course leads people to believe that there will be a new color offered for 2012.
GT_R _Blue_Invite

2012 Nissan GT-R Revealed at Nurburgring

Motortrend has posted pictures of the face lifted 2012 Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring. A few days ago, pictures of camouflaged examples started showing up on the internet, and now we see some of the minor changes for the 2012 year in the US.  The car shown here is a SpecV, however rumors have been that the SpecV has seen its last years.  Perhaps the Mspec ?

Jun 26, 2010

STILLEN GT-R Spectre 341 Hillclimb Updates

June 25, 2010

Looks like cell phone coverage is decent out in Virginia City where STILLEN and Steve Millen are running the GT-R at the Spectre 341 Challenge. We’ll use this blog post as a place to post updates and photos we get back from the team.  We’ll have a full recap after the event ends.

Friday 6/25 – 11:20am (Kyle via text)

Phone works okay.. no real updates.. did drivers meeting this morning and the drivers got a tour of the race course with tips from Amir from Spectre

The HRE Porsche is pretty nice and looks well prepared and the LG Vette is nice.. light weight good tires.. all good

There’s a hearse here too!  I don’t know about it though.. I think they are just here








Friday 6/25 – 11:43am (Kyle via text)

The hearse now has numbers.. looks like it’s running!

Friday 6/25 – 12:33pm (Kyle via text)

Just started sprinkling and apparently they’re delaying the start (we’d really like to run!)

(Questioned Kyle on whether it was a get in line type of deal, or if everyone is running it a set number of times?)

Just get in line..

We haven’t even left the hotel.. were trying to convince them to let us run

There is 700-1100 horsepower Porsche.. there are some huge horsepower cars up here

Friday 6/25 – 12:33pm (Kyle via text)

We did find out though that they aren’t posting any times until tomorrow night.  We have a stop watch that we’ll keep track of our time, but we don’t know how everyone else is doing

Steve and Jodi Millen

That’s not a typo on Jodi’s race suit!

Friday 6/25 – 2:27pm (Kyle via text)

We were two minutes from starting but the safety crew had to leave for a local accident… no go on the restart.  The accident was not on the course.. the same crew is on call for the other highways as well.  Unfortunately this is cutting down on the number of possible runs.

Friday 6/25 – 2:52pm (Kyle via text)

Cars are away!!!  The GT-R was second in line!

Friday 6/25 – 3:20pm (Kyle via text)

First run was good.. they’re just going to increase boost.. tires are still a bit greasy but starting to come in

Friday 6/25 – 3:46pm (Kyle via text)

GT-R just took off for its second run.. looks like he’s chasing it harder this run

Friday 6/25 – 4:15pm (Kyle via text)

Here’s a quick video from a corner I’m standing on of the GT-R

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Here’s a video of the Viper coming around the same corner

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Friday 6/25 – 4:59pm (Kyle via text)

Done for the day.. Steve is pretty happy with the car and is still trying to scrub in the tires.  Only made three runs but I think they’re happy with what theyre seeing.

The high elevation has caused a big drop in boost but the TurboSmart boost controller is allowing them to adjust that and increase pressure.

Look for more updates tomorrow..

Saturday 6/26 – 9:08am (Kyle via text)

First run of the day they shaved 3.5 seconds off from their fast time from yesterday.

Saturday 6/26 – 9:34am (Kyle via text)

They just shaved another three seconds.

There is a really fast EVO up here with really sticky nittos and the driver has a lot of experience.

Saturday 6/26 – 9:59am (Kyle via text)

If we had some better tires like the Dunlops we’d be much faster.  Unfortunately the Dunlops are on national back order otherwise we’d have them on the car.. according to Nissan they’re good for around a second a mile faster.

Saturday 6/26 – 10:16am (Kyle via text)




Saturday 6/26 – 10:25am (Kyle via text)

We softened the STILLEN front sway bar last night, and Steve is saying its helped a lot and he can start turning the back of the car today.. I’m sure that’s where some of the time is coming from.

Saturday 6/26 – 10:40am (Kyle via text)

Quick video of the ZR1

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Quick video of Steve and the STILLEN GT-R

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Saturday 6/26 – 10:50am (Kyle via text)

Steve and Team STILLEN are done for the day.. the road is extremely slick, and the tires don’t have any grip any more.

With having to ship the car to New Zealand for the Targa Rally in a couple of days, and not having good tires, Steve’s just taking it kinda easy.

This is a fun event and we will be back for sure next year.


Source: STILLEN Blog

Jun 22, 2010

STILLEN GT-R To Compete at Spectre 341 Hillclimb


This event is held on a closed section of Highway 341 that would normally be opened to the public.  Originally started in the early 70’s this event was pioneered by the local Ferrari clubs.  The event ran until 2002 before being shut down.  2010 marks the re-organization of the event and the new promoter Spectre 341’s involvement.  The course is 5.2 miles long with plenty of high speed long turns and narrow switchbacks.  In barely over 5 miles the event travels 1,200+ feet in elevation!!!  The current record up the hill is three minutes and 10 seconds.  Held be the president of Spectre Performance and his highly modified F40 Ferrari.  Steve Millen and Team STILLEN hope to break that record and perhaps dip under the three minute mark!

To prepare for the event the Team headed out to Spring Mountain Raceway to do a little track testing.  Spring Mountain is a good test area for this event because Highway 341 offers pretty flat, high speed turns, and a few tight twisty areas as well, very similar to a track like Spring Mountain.  The main priorities at Spring Mountain were tire testing, suspension development, and increased boost pressure.  Further development back at the shop consisted of installing GReddy Intercoolers, GReddy Hard Pipes, and a GReddy Cold Air Intake.

This weekend the Nissan GT-R from STILLEN will be competing in the Spectre 341 hillclimb in Virginia City, Nevada. This is the first annual event sponsored by Spectre, but it has been raced in the past by Ferrari clubs.

The course is 5.2 miles long, and the record time is 3:10 by a modified Ferrari F40 in 2002.   The STILLEN GT-R hopes to go quicker than 3 minutes.

Source: STILLEN blog

Jun 21, 2010

2012 Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring

Inside Line and Autoblog are showing pictures of the 2012 Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring.  The 2012 car has some improvements that we have posted about in the last few days. A power increase, aero changes, are just a few of the improvements.  The old Nurburgring time was 7:26.7.


The two cars are sporting camouflage, and speculation is running on exactly what is under those covers. 


Brake ducts in the lower lip. SpecV R35 on factory wheels and tires.


Source: Inside Line, Autoblog Via NAGTROC

Jun 19, 2010

Hybrid ? Electric ? Nissan GT-R In the Future



The Motor Report had a chance to sit down and talk with Kazutoshi Mizuno at the launch of the MY2010 Nissan GT-R in Australia.   There have been rumors about the R36 GT-R being a hybrid, but nothing has come from anyone as far up the chain as Mizuno.

“I’ve not decided what type of technology I would use,” Mizuno said to TMR.

“Diesel, hybrid, electric motor or another kind of system? It’s not been decided.”

Read more: Nissan GT-R Hybrid, EV A Possibility: Mizuno | Reviews | Prices | Australian specifications http://www.themotorreport.com.au/50472/r35-nissan-gt-r-could-go-hybrid-or-electric#ixzz0rJrWZFWy

The GT-R’s all wheel drive layout, could allow for a fairly easy integration into a mild hybrid. An electric motor could be attached to the transmission to provide drive during low speed conditions. In wheel electric motors could be added to the front wheels.  Mizuno said that it could take as few as two years to bring a hybrid powertrain to the GT-R. The Infiniti Essence concept showed some ideas for a hybrid high end car.

Mizuno also mentioned that the Nissan GT-R will get some updates in October of this year. We have posted some information on the changes in this post. These modifications are for the 2011 Japan, 2012 MY US R35, and include power upgrades to over 500 hp, aero, suspension, brake, cooling system tweaks .

Source: The Motor Report

Super Taikyu Nissan GT-R Test Video

GT-R Blog managed to find specifications and video of the new endurance race car version of the Nissan GT-R testing in Japan.

The Super Taikyu car will debut at Fuji Speedway June 26-27, for a test race by Nismo.  The specifications don’t really release too much information, over 485 ps, over 60kgm torque.  20 x 10.5 wheels all around with 290/710/20 slicks. The weight is listed as OVER 1480 kg, or OVER 3262 lbs, a fairly ambiguous way to describe a figure.

Source: GT-R Blog

STILLEN License Plate Bracket

Stillen license plate bracket
If you own a Nissan GT-R and do not want to put holes in your front end or fascia in order to mount your front license plate, then this kit was developed specifically for you!

Mounting the plate using the factory bracket requires more than a few simple holes. In fact, major surgery is required, which is nearly impossible to reverse without replacement of the entire bumper assembly. Save yourself the headache and install the STILLEN GT-R Front License Plate Bracket. Uses the pre-existing hole for the factory tow bracket.

Jun 15, 2010

Cobb Tuning GT-R Sets Record at Autobahn Country Club


Brian Lock takes the track record in Modified AWD in the COBB Tuning GT-R at Autobahn Country Club in Redline time Attack Round 5. In between thunderstorms Brian set a fast time of 1:28.1.

The Cobb Tuning Nissan GT-R took another win in the Modified AWD class during theRedline Time Attack at Autobahn Country Club.

Cobb R35 - Autobahn

Source : NAGTROC and Cobb Bloghttp://blogs.cobbtuning.com/2010/06/15/cobb-tuning-motorsports-redline-time-attack-round-5-recap/

Nissan GT-R Cup Car , N1 , Super Taikyu , Mspec


Road and Track Magazine is reporting that the 2012 Nissan GT-R will be introduced in October of this year with 520 hp.   In the blog post, they are also reporting on the MSpec, and Cup Car GT-R.

The Cup Car is reported to have upgraded brakes, suspension, wheels, and carbon fiber panels. The price is suspected to be $120,000- $150,000 with no reports of it coming to the US.   The MSpec is supposed to be a more customizable version of the Nissan GT-R, with 30 copies being produced at a price around $210,000.

Along the same lines, GT-R blog is reporting that the Super Taikyu version of the R35 GT-R has been testing at Fuji Speedway. In the pictures, carbon fiber parts are visible, along with SpecV wheels, a good amount of negative camber, and it shows a few different variations on the hood design.  In the past, the N1 version of the Nissan GT-R was used for Super Taikyu,an endurance race series in Japan.

Nismo Omori Factory, Nova Engineering, and Nordring are working on a “Club Track” version of the R35. The club track version, has a roll cage, carbon fiber seats, and 20” slicks.


Are these two cars, all one in the same ?  Club track and Cup Car ?  Either way, it looks like neither, none of them would make it to the US.

Source : Road and Track via NAGTROC and GT-R Blog

Jun 11, 2010

UK Nissan GT-R Sales Figures


Thanks to Wildrover at the GTR.co.UK forums, we now have UK sales figures to add to our Japanese, and US sales.

Jan 0
Feb 0
Mar 2
Apr 146
May 174
June 199
Jul 170
Aug 30
Sep 124
Oct 89
Nov 73
Dec 44
Total 1051

Jan 54
Feb 18
Mar 143
Apr 34
Total 265

Total 2009-2010 of 1316 cars in the UK

6380 cars  sold in Japan

3684 cars sold in the US



Source : GTR.co.UK

Jun 9, 2010

Japanese GT-R Sales Figures


After the last big 100 car GT-R meet in Japan, a few of us were wondering how many cars were sold in Japan.  Chuck from NAGTROC received the information from Shin and GT-R Magazine.

8 - October 07
14 - November 07
793 - December 07
604 - January 08
670 - February 08
951 - March 08
695 - April 08
371 - May 08
530 - June 08
532 - July 08
113 - August 08
132 - September 08
144 - October 08
93 - November 08
39 - December 08
48 - January 09
44 - February 09
151 - March 09
32 - April 09
44 - May 09
46 - June 09
59 - July 09
27 - August 09
38 - September 09
24 - October 09
10 - November 09
15 - December 09
34 - January 10
25 - February 10
49 - March 10
26 - April 10
19 - May 10
6,380 Total

This compares to 3,684 total sold in the US from July 2008. 


Source : NAGTROC

Jun 8, 2010

Nissan GT-R vs Bugatti Veyron in the Wet

More of those crazy Russians, at the Moscow 500 Unlimited.  In the Wet. Bugatti Veyron vs Nissan GT-R.

Nuts. Just nuts.
Source : Bespoke Ventures.
Nissan GT-R Parts Catalog

Redline Time Attack 2010: Auto Club Speedway - ApexKings.com GT-R

Take a ride with the mighty ApexKings.com GT-R owned by Darin as he wraps up a day of skilled driving and excitement during HPDE at RTA on May 29, 2010. A few great cars depicted are the Midnight Purple GT-R owned by Ill Payne, the Yellow (Bird) Axis Wheels GT-R owned by James and the Fontana Nissan Race GT-R driven by Mike Cronin, Jr.

Jun 7, 2010

Club Track Edition R35 From Nismo Omori Factory

Are you more hardcore than your neighbor ?  Do you need a Nissan GT-R with just a bit more, go ?  Then this GT-R from Nismo Omori Factory, Nova Engineering, and Nordring might be for you. 
What starts life as your run of the mill 485 hp , 3829 lb Nissan GT-R, becomes, well….. we don’t really know that much about the engine or weight. It has a roll cage, a Bride seat, 6 point harnesses, Rays 20 inch wheels, and Dunlop slicks. 
There should be a few cooling system upgrades that I would expect to see also, to help keep the transmission, and the engine oil in check for track days. Both those are areas that have problems for most owners that run their cars on the track.
It remains to be seen if the car will take any trips to Nurburgring, but if it did, I wonder what kind of times it would turn on some Dunlop slicks…. However, the car will only be offered for sale in Japan.
Source : Nismo via Motor Trend

Drag Racing , Fontana IDRC June 12,2010

idrcdrag(nba) [Converted]

IDRC is hosting a drag racing event June 12, 2010 at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.   Gates open at 8 am . If you are itching to make some quarter mile passes, here is an opportunity.

Are any R35 GT-R guys headed out ?  Head over to importdrag.com for more information


Jun 6, 2010

Struggles at Mosport Lead to New Direction for Brass Monkey Racing



After being optimistic about their Nissan GT-R "Version 2.0," Brass Monkey Racing quickly realized that Version 3.0 can’t come soon enough for the World Challenge season. After solving reliability issues, the team now knows the direction it must go to make the car a contender, following last weekend’s struggle at Mosport International Raceway.

The new updates to the #96 and #97 Nissan/Brass Monkey Racing Nissan GT-Rs were successful in curing the cooling issues that plagued the sophisticated sequential gearbox and also provided a much-needed boost in power to the 3.8-liter turbocharged V6 engine. But reliability and power are only two components to the equation of a competitive racecar, and drivers Tony Rivera and Steve Ott struggled with handling around the sweeping corners at North America’s most daunting circuit.

The team had a small moral victory when both cars finished each race on the doubleheader weekend, something neither car did at the previous round at Long Beach. However, given the handling issues, the team must now focus on new areas of development.

"We need to really evaluate the suspension geometry and the differentials," Team Manager Rivera said. "The cars were okay at the street courses, which have a lot of slow corners and you essentially do a lot of point and shoot. Mosport, which is a lot like the next event at Watkins Glen, has sweeping corners and we just couldn’t get the cars to turn.

"Our team worked incredibly long hours and we threw just about everything we could at the cars while at the track from a setup standpoint, but nothing seemed to make a difference. It became clear to us at Mosport where we need to focus our efforts in development. Going to another race at this stage doesn’t make any sense until we’ve made some major progress in the handling department. That means that we won’t make it to Watkins Glen and Toronto.

"We’re committed to make these cars winners in World Challenge before the season is out. Doing the next stage of development publicly at the racetrack is not in anyone’s best interest, so we may need to take a hiatus from the Championship."


Mosport Race 1 (Round Four)

#96 Nissan/Brass Monkey Racing Nissan GT-R

Driver: Steve Ott

Start: 11

Finish: 13

Notes: Ott was forced to pit after the first lap, when contact with another car broke a valve stem off his wheel, necessitating a new tire.

#97 Nissan/Brass Monkey Racing Nissan GT-R

Driver: Tony Rivera

Start: 13

Finish: 10

Notes: Rivera earned the Best Standing Start for advancing the most positions on the first lap of the race (two)

Mosport Race 2 (Round Five)

#96 Nissan/Brass Monkey Racing Nissan GT-R

Driver: Steve Ott

Start: 10

Finish: 13

Notes: Ott’s car did not initially start pulling away from the grid, forcing him to start from pit lane, behind all the Touring Cars and GTS cars. Ott worked his way through the field to ninth before another valve stem was taken off with contact from another car, forcing a pit stop.

#97 Nissan/Brass Monkey Racing Nissan GT-R

Driver: Tony Rivera

Start: 14

Finish: 12

Notes: For the second-straight race, Rivera earned the Best Standing Start award for moving up five positions on lap one. He ran as high as eighth before falling back to finish 12th.

The next World Challenge Championship race is scheduled for July 2-3 at Watkins Glen International, followed two weeks later with the Honda Indy Toronto. Brass Monkey Racing plans to re-join the series for the Aug. 6-8 event at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

Brass Monkey Racing would like to thank its sponsors for their support, including Nissan, Penske Shocks, Eurotech Industries Inc., AMS Performance and Seibon Carbon. For more information, please visit www.brassmonkeyracing.com.


Images of Steve Ott and Tony Rivera from Mosport. Images by Mark Weber.

May 2010 Nissan GT-R Sales : Sales to Date


Nissan sold 89 Nissan GT-R’s in May 2010.  Not as few as the worst month January 2010.  Since July 2008 Nissan has sold 3684 cars in the US.

147 - July 08
484 - August 08
421 - September 08
321 - October 08
208 - November 08
149 - December 08
94 - January 09
169 - February 09
137 - March 09
171 - April 09
146 - May 09
150 - June 09
128 - July 09
100-August 09
111- September 09
117- October 09
92- November 09
119 - December 09
67 - January 10
71 - February 10
87 - March 10
106 - April 10
89- May 2010
3,684 Total

Source : NAGTROC

First 2011 Nissan GT-R in the 10’s


10 second passes for a street car are impressive. 130 mph shows a car is making impressive power.  Shep from NAGTROC took his 2011 Nissan GT-R to Norwalk and cracked off a best pass of 10.91 @130 mph. The 60 foot with LC3 was 1.71 , a 7.05@103 mph in the 1/8th mile.  Mods on the car were minimal AMS downpipes, midpipes, and exhaust, and a Cobb Accessport tune.


Source : NAGTROC

Stillen GT-R : DSPORT Magazine July 2010

The 620 hp Nissan GT-R from Stillen is featured on the cover of the July 2010 DSPORT Magazine.  Also featured is the IMSA 300ZX that we recently captured footage of at the Stillen Open House.
Head out to the newstand and pickup a copy.
Source: Stillen Blog

Stillen Online Parts Catalog

Jun 2, 2010

GT-R iPhone MFD Data Logger

GTRTechBlogger from NAGTROC posted up an iPhone application that he is developing to capture and replay the information from the GT-R’s Multi function display.
I am doing some beta testing now, but I should release it after OS4 to take advantage of multi-tasking.
In retrospect, I should have started a new thread. Very simply my app records same data as MFD, stores it on the iPhone and can replay it back anytime, even when not connected to the GT-R. My version of the nismo data logger, if you will.
Pretty cool stuff.  The capabilities of the standard MFD always confused me a little. Who wants to be only able to see 20 seconds of data on the screen, with no way to record it. Its a pretty display, but if you are on track, you have no real time to look at it. You need to be able to record it and analyze it after a run.
The next cool step would be to have software on your computer to be able to view the datalogs, after a track session with lap timing. Email it or synch it out, so you could view it later or for remote tuning.

HKS GT800 Kit


HKS is planning on  releasing at the end of July 2010, a full turbine kit as the GT800, featuring cast exhaust manifolds, Special GT II turbochargers , and GT II wastegates.

The turbos feature a symmetrical layout that uses normal and reverse flow turbines that HKS likens to twin turbo Formula 1 V6 technology.  Cast exhaust manifolds are more durable than tubular style exhaust manifolds, and are getting more popular, as they bring OEM quality to the aftermarket.


In addition to the GT800 turbines HKS recommends , Forged piston and connecting rod set, R35 metal headgasket, R35 DCT fluid , R35 DCT reinforced oil pan , large size injectors, and R35 control system (release date August), the GT600 racing package, intercooler kit, and DCT fluid cooler kit. With all the supporting modifications they claim that 800 hp performance can be achieved.


Source : NAGTROC