Club Track Edition R35 From Nismo Omori Factory

Are you more hardcore than your neighbor ?  Do you need a Nissan GT-R with just a bit more, go ?  Then this GT-R from Nismo Omori Factory, Nova Engineering, and Nordring might be for you. 
What starts life as your run of the mill 485 hp , 3829 lb Nissan GT-R, becomes, well….. we don’t really know that much about the engine or weight. It has a roll cage, a Bride seat, 6 point harnesses, Rays 20 inch wheels, and Dunlop slicks. 
There should be a few cooling system upgrades that I would expect to see also, to help keep the transmission, and the engine oil in check for track days. Both those are areas that have problems for most owners that run their cars on the track.
It remains to be seen if the car will take any trips to Nurburgring, but if it did, I wonder what kind of times it would turn on some Dunlop slicks…. However, the car will only be offered for sale in Japan.
Source : Nismo via Motor Trend

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