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Road and Track Magazine is reporting that the 2012 Nissan GT-R will be introduced in October of this year with 520 hp.   In the blog post, they are also reporting on the MSpec, and Cup Car GT-R.

The Cup Car is reported to have upgraded brakes, suspension, wheels, and carbon fiber panels. The price is suspected to be $120,000- $150,000 with no reports of it coming to the US.   The MSpec is supposed to be a more customizable version of the Nissan GT-R, with 30 copies being produced at a price around $210,000.

Along the same lines, GT-R blog is reporting that the Super Taikyu version of the R35 GT-R has been testing at Fuji Speedway. In the pictures, carbon fiber parts are visible, along with SpecV wheels, a good amount of negative camber, and it shows a few different variations on the hood design.  In the past, the N1 version of the Nissan GT-R was used for Super Taikyu,an endurance race series in Japan.

Nismo Omori Factory, Nova Engineering, and Nordring are working on a “Club Track” version of the R35. The club track version, has a roll cage, carbon fiber seats, and 20” slicks.


Are these two cars, all one in the same ?  Club track and Cup Car ?  Either way, it looks like neither, none of them would make it to the US.

Source : Road and Track via NAGTROC and GT-R Blog

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Jeff C said...

It is starting to get tasty now, cup car is my choice. Who cares if it doesn't come here as long as we can buy the parts. I don't want any luxuries in my GTR, that's what Lexus are for.

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