Hybrid ? Electric ? Nissan GT-R In the Future



The Motor Report had a chance to sit down and talk with Kazutoshi Mizuno at the launch of the MY2010 Nissan GT-R in Australia.   There have been rumors about the R36 GT-R being a hybrid, but nothing has come from anyone as far up the chain as Mizuno.

“I’ve not decided what type of technology I would use,” Mizuno said to TMR.

“Diesel, hybrid, electric motor or another kind of system? It’s not been decided.”

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The GT-R’s all wheel drive layout, could allow for a fairly easy integration into a mild hybrid. An electric motor could be attached to the transmission to provide drive during low speed conditions. In wheel electric motors could be added to the front wheels.  Mizuno said that it could take as few as two years to bring a hybrid powertrain to the GT-R. The Infiniti Essence concept showed some ideas for a hybrid high end car.

Mizuno also mentioned that the Nissan GT-R will get some updates in October of this year. We have posted some information on the changes in this post. These modifications are for the 2011 Japan, 2012 MY US R35, and include power upgrades to over 500 hp, aero, suspension, brake, cooling system tweaks .

Source: The Motor Report

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