GT-R iPhone MFD Data Logger

GTRTechBlogger from NAGTROC posted up an iPhone application that he is developing to capture and replay the information from the GT-R’s Multi function display.
I am doing some beta testing now, but I should release it after OS4 to take advantage of multi-tasking.
In retrospect, I should have started a new thread. Very simply my app records same data as MFD, stores it on the iPhone and can replay it back anytime, even when not connected to the GT-R. My version of the nismo data logger, if you will.
Pretty cool stuff.  The capabilities of the standard MFD always confused me a little. Who wants to be only able to see 20 seconds of data on the screen, with no way to record it. Its a pretty display, but if you are on track, you have no real time to look at it. You need to be able to record it and analyze it after a run.
The next cool step would be to have software on your computer to be able to view the datalogs, after a track session with lap timing. Email it or synch it out, so you could view it later or for remote tuning.

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