Car And Driver Lightning Lap 2008

Car and Drivers "Time Attack". Virginia International Raceway (VIR) has been used as their standard for the last three years.

Controlled environment means racetrack, and for Lightning Lap that means the 4.2-mile Grand Course at Virginia International Raceway, near Danville, Virginia. This beautiful road circuit is an outstanding blend of fast chutes, blind-entry corners, and lots of changes in ­elevation, including a series of climbing esses that’s one of the most challenging sections of racetrack in America

The important GT-R related information. 4th fastest overall...

However equipped, the GT-R is certainly quick—its 2:55.6 lap time bettered last year’s Corvette Z06 by more than two seconds—if not the most rewarding car to drive fast on a track.


MindlessOath said...

car and driver is terrable and i will never read the magazine again. :( i dont care what they say about the R35 good or bad.

Anonymous said...

Car and Driver is the worst car mag going. Hopelessly biased. They don't use proffessional drivers as if their editors are good enough.

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