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Mr Sam Mitani, friend of the aftermarket and international editor for Road and Track Magazine tests four modified vehicles

Noted GT-R tuner, Mine's, shipped the world's first seriously tweaked Nissan GT-R (R35) to us from Japan. Also making the trek across the Pacific was Honda's preeminent tuner and race specialist, Spoon, and its Honda NSX-R GT. From Europe came TechArt's amazing GTstreet, based on the 997 Porsche 911 Turbo, and representing the stars and stripes is D3 and its impressive Cadillac CTS.

Spoon NSX-R GT

Lap Time: 1:31.09

There's simply no debate: The Spoon NSX-R GT is the most thrilling and fun-to-drive car in this group...perhaps the world.

The Techart 911 mouth is dope.

Its 480-bhp turbocharged flat-6 and road-carving all-wheel-drive handling have made it one of the world's best sports cars, and it demonstrated its prowess around the Streets of Willow Springs by tearing through its 16 corners in 1:30.69.

Sixty mph comes in 3.0 sec., 100 mph in 6.9. Its quarter-mile time is in motorcycle territory, getting to the mark in 11.1 sec. at 127.4 mph.

Lap Time: 1:25.79

By now, you have no doubt heard of the new Nissan GT-R. This $70,000 2+2 has burst onto the world sports-car stage with a prodigious bang, boasting performance that's comparable to cars costing two to three times more.

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