payne said...

yeah, I'm not feeling the exhaust tips from Nismo.

Sean Morris said...

No exhaust. Just dump it onto the ground after the turbos... best turbo exhaust... Just got back from Mid-Ohio. I was helping out with my friends Scion TC.

The R35 GT-R out there running in TTS was decently quick. I saw a 1:34.1 time. Thats fast.

MindlessOath said...

yea, been talking to him. his name is underpresure on

anyways, how was the trip, anything exciting to talk about other than the GT-R at the event?

anyways other than that i am not liking this spec-v much anymore. i dunno why.

Sean Morris said...

Press release is on my other blog.

Item Reviewed: GT-R Vspec Exhaust Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Sean Morris