ARC Exhausts for R35 GT-R

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Next is the ARC Titanium Exhaust Type-G. This is aimed at those looking for a less obnoxious exhaust. Weighing in a 10.4kg it’s lighter than stock while maintaining great flow and a relatively low noise output. The ARC exhausts all have the single opening elliptical tips. Some may not like these. Price is 448,000 yen and part number is TSR35-G.

Lastly is the ARC Titanium Exhaust Type-S. This is a louder more circuit spec exhaust with a lighter weight (6.8kg) and louder noise. The price is also cheaper due to less materials used at 315,000 yen. Part number is TSR35-S.

Some intercooler information from ARC

First up the ARC intercoolers, shown above, will retail at 398,000 yen. Part number is M079R35G. Release date is September 2008.

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