Broken GT-R Transmission

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I have seen a few pictures of broken gearboxes, but nothing I have found so far on the internet.

I have mentioned a few times on forums that its not just the clutches that are giving up, but the gears within the transmission. I have heard a couple different reasons for it, but if its like most transmissions its from the gears slamming together. However in a twin clutch transmission, I would think that we wouldn't see something like this.

I wonder what Redline Shockproof Light would do to the transmission and clutch assembly. The stock GR6 fluid is a type of ATF. We have run Redline Shockproof in place of ATF's in certain transmissions. The transmission in the R34 GT-R, the Getrag V160 does not like Shockproof gearoil. The GR6 also may not like it as the clutch is wet, and adding a thicker fluid may effect the lockup of the clutch.

Ian at CBA-R35 seems to think its excessive launch control, however I don't think thats what actually did this.


Anonymous said...

[Sino= me] You may want to check into Fluoropolymer additives.Good clutch grip + preventative wear.+Also can be added to factory transmission oil.
However use too much and the solenoids will malfunction. It's A balance thing. mine did slip only about 23 miles of driving but after a good warm up stopped. And so far has not occurred again. The type i use was for loader diffs wet clutch as a friction cutter but i have used as an formulation in my 06 650R Ninja Motorcycle to prevent wet clutch GT-R even rids the slight chatter at fifth gear entry.+ a little stabilizer wouldn't hurt also. My type was Greased Lightning polymer + factory oil.+ Also Driving in automatic mode for at least 600 miles before using controls or manual mode gives a proper time to wear in transmission + change the oil at this time to rid any small fragments of metal due to diff. / +also most metal comes from the actuators for gear selection.When driven normaly.../. I didn't start using console or manual mode until 800 Miles. so far oil is clean. I don't race this car it's mainly an escort or limo if one will. so no throttle pR. This thing is even insured for rain damage. (Pertaining to damaging rust.)Titanium...+ gray leather.

Anonymous said...

[Sino =me/] also the current gearbox pictured was not from launching. Might be from hard or rapid downshifting +hard throttle during shifting. as many do not know F1 Style transmissions are tough but still have limits. Simply thing of Manual (stick Shifts) the delay between their gears is delayed by clutch/ then shift =in gear/ release clutch = engage gear ==Concept gear stress relief between shifts. however don't do this with the GT-R unless you can time the ordeal and manage the shift or you will cause gear chatter. The equal of missing a gear. But not as severe .

Anonymous said...

check the viscosity of the getrag trans fluid (should be the same as bmw mtf-1). it should be about as thick as lighweight shockproof.
also the ridiculously high calcium content in shockproof gear oils isn't good for smooth shifting.

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