7:38 at Nurburgring by Sport Auto

The rumors of a 7:38 laptime at Nurburgring by Sport Auto were true. On Dunlop tires, Sport Auto managed a 7:38 time with a European spec R35 GT-R.

The driver of the car for the test has over 10 years experience on the Nurburgring. So does this help or hurt Porsches case ? Porsche said they couldn't get within 25 seconds of Nissans claimed time of 7:29.

Some pictures of the magazine article in German. Overall it was said, they really like the car.

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Source : Final Gear Forums


Mathias said...

It's a great car that's what matters. Not some lap time...

Jeff Chong said...

Porsches are a bunch of arrogant elitists who can't accept the fact that an Asian robot car just smoked the best they can do with their aging 911 chassis.

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