Evo Magazine : Lotus Evora vs Nissan GT-R


Evora vs GTR

An interesting matchup.  Two very different cars that Evo Magazine decided to matchup in an article.  Based on price they decided to try the two cars out against each other.

It’s Lotus’s fault we have the GT-R along. Its decision to price the basic Evora roughly five grand above our expectations and announce that the first 200 would cost £58,460 still looks ambitious. This top-spec GT-R Black Edition is £1500 cheaper, our reigning Car of the Year and, incidentally, the first proper UK GT-R we’ve driven. Each is of the moment, too. A hero car keyed into the current climate, the Nissan is a cut-price 911 Turbo (‘more a junior Veyron’ is John B’s assessment), while the Lotus is an ozone-friendly sports car that promises 32.4mpg

I like this paragraph.   It goes against what some people say about the GT-R. That it has no feel, that its not “fun” to drive.

That was a warm-up. Today the GT-R is making mincemeat of the three cars in our main group test. Driving it you feel like a cat toying with a bunch of mice – you can let them run off a bit and then reel them back in at your leisure. Speed isn’t everything, though, and this stunning ability has led to accusations that the Nissan is devastatingly effective rather than deeply involving. Wrong – it’s both.

GT-R’s have always been cars that are easy to drive fast.  Easier to drive faster than its contemporaries.  The cars limits are much higher than most drivers can explore.   Head over to the Evo Magazine link for the full article.


Source : Evo Magazine

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